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For questions related to the use of the Stack Exchange network of sites as a large, community-based game, and the issues surrounding how certain individuals may try to "game" the system to gain some kind of personal advantage.

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Are there rewards for translators on Stack Exchange sites?

Are there any rewards (eg. badge(s) or reputation benefits) available for the people who contribute to the translations of non-English Stack Exchange sites (eg. Stack Overflow en español) through ...
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Switch off the gamification for a chosen time

This feature request is about a setting to switch off seeing the positive reputation changes and to freeze or switch off the shown reputation points / graphs / badges. The setting should be available ...
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10 votes
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Is there a way to find out if I've ever both voted to close a question and posted an answer to it?

I just noticed that someone voted to close a question and posted an excellent answer at the same time. I wanted to tell them that I thought it was unfair to do both with an argument involving ...
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Year-Round Hats for Fun and Profit

Making hats available year-round, rather than limiting them to Winter Bash, would be a natural and powerful extension of Stack Exchange's gamification systems. This remains true even if hats are ...
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Another kind of Disciplined badge [duplicate]

I often see a trivial question I can answer in about a minute, but since it's so easy, it must have been asked before, right? So I'm faced with a choice: Find the existing question and vote to close ...
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Is more gamification in order?

This is not a specific request, but more of a general topic. On StackOverflow, points and gamification really work quite well. But I think there's room for more. For example, my rep is 2000 and the ...
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How was Stack Overflow's gameplay designed? [duplicate]

Is there a resource somewhere with a history of Stack Overflow's gameplay changes? Is there some kind of backlog? It would be interesting to see how it evolved as more and more sites are taking this ...
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Incentives and actions for getting Unsung Hero: What's fair game and how do we fix it?

Background: I recently became an active user on StackOverflow and determined that it wasn't too hard to get 200 rep in a day with a reasonable amount of time. However, before I attempted to shoot my ...
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11 votes
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How do I disable the badge notifications on all Stack Exchange sites?

While I love the Stack Exchange network and Stack Overflow especially, I started to be really annoyed about having too many badge notifications, especially from the new sites where I go only ...
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Has the abolition of Flag Weight affected flagging activity?

Out of idle curiosity - has the abolition of flag weight influenced flagging activity any? Even I feel like I'm missing the kick of gratification, and seem to be slightly less enthusiastic to cast ...
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Badges should reward positive behavior

I've been doing a bit of badge hunting recently. I was under the impression that badges were supposed to incentivize positive behaviour. The tag wiki for badges even says so. Badges are awarded to ...
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