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For questions about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, an EU privacy law) related to Stack Exchange. Do not ask questions about GDPR in general.

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Can the "Right to be forgotten" and a LLM "non-negotiable attribution" be reconciled? Do they need to?

I was trying to make sense of the impact of the GDPR "Right to be forgotten" rules in accordance to the growing number of LLM partnership the network is announcing lately. The data subject ...
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GDPR deletion form is unintuitive

One would assume that a user who's going to be deleting their account completely and irrevocably network-wide would be unimpressed with dark patterns. I was looking up the GDPR deletion page to point ...
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20 votes
1 answer

German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch and 1 heading in English

The German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch and 1 heading in English: First reported by @Bergi in this comment: Upcoming privacy updates: ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can I get statistics about my posts (such as views or votes) via a GDPR "Export my data" request?

I asked a question here about how to get data on my Q&A. The question was closed as being a duplicate of another question. That question is very different from mine, since it was asking for the ...
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We've updated the Data Subject Rights (DSR) request page

We’ve updated the Data Request page to use a native solution from our consent provider, OneTrust. What is changing? Data Subject Rights (DSR) requests, as a part of Stack Overflow’s global privacy ...
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How do I permanently set my cookie preferences?

I visit Stack Overflow on my phone several times a week, and it seems like about once a week (maybe more?) I get this cookie banner. I make my selections, and expect the site to remember them. A week ...
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40 votes
1 answer

The Flow State homepage is tracking users without consent

I just took a look at the Agenda of the SO Flow State conference, and I noticed that it seemed a bit absurdly slow and buggy for such a simple site. So I poked around with the dev tools and noticed ...
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What data from users does Stack Exchange keep?

I'm from Europe, which has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Does Stack Exchange have a GDPR manifest? What data from users does Stack Exchange keep?
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18 votes
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274 views missing cookie consent logic

There appear to be two bugs on regarding GDPR/CookieLaw and cookie consent: There's no cookie consent dialog, similar to the rest of the Stack Exchange network You can't manage ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Why is Stack Exchange using dark patterns on its cookie permission dialog?

It would appear as though Stack Exchange is employing a dark pattern in its cookie permission dialogs. Specifically, there are two buttons presented in the initial dialog. The colour depends on the SE ...
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1 answer

Why does SE track post referrers?

I exported my SE data, and in /qa/[site]\PostReferralsInbound.json there are entries like {"postId":1732454,"ipAddress":"...","creationDate":"2021-05-09T21:...
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GDPR Request: Post Edit does not contain the edit

X\PostHistory.json contains the Initial Title, Initial Tag, Initial Body, Edit Title, Edit Tag, and Edit Body. But it does not contain what exactly was edited!
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19 votes
0 answers

In GDPR data dumps, can the backslashes in file paths please be changed to forward slashes, so they're not broken for non-Windows users?

(A quick note: I'm a primarily Windows user, but as an occasional Mac and Linux user, and having technical knowledge of the issue, I can see why this is a problem, and many others have raised this ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Chat messages and SO Jobs data are missing from the GDPR Data Access Request JSON dump

I just recently learned about the automated service provided by Stack Exchange for handling GDPR Data Access Requests. So, of course, I tried it out, and indeed promptly received a 13 megabyte zip ...
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Why can't I dismiss these Stack Exchange cookie popups on mobile browser? [closed]

These pop-ups keep appearing on my Android phone when browsing Stack Exchange sites. No matter what I choose these popups occur on every page refresh and whenever I try to view a question. I'm using ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Could the cookie banner please be made less intrusive?

I frequently visit Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites from private browser windows, which means I get the cookie banner over and over. Does it really have to cover the most useful part of ...
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42 votes
19 answers

We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent

Update (Feb 8 2021): We’ll be doing some A/B testing with the consent interface. Once we’ve landed on a final design, we’ll use that design on all of our sites network wide. Additionally, we’re ...
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We’re Adding our Subprocessors to the GDPR Section of Our Legal Portal

As part of our continued effort to ensure compliance with the GDPR, we are publishing a list of our subprocessors - a list of third party vendors who process personal information for each of our ...
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With the UK now having two seemingly active versions of GDPR, at which age should a moderator consider a user underaged?

The FAQ on underage users states: Stack Exchange has decided to limit registration for all people in any EU member nation to users 16 or older, in order to ensure it remains compliant with the laws ...
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Stop sending me emails I didn't sign up for

In the past few days, I've had eight separate emails from Stack Overflow. I signed up for none of them, and none of them are enabled in my email settings. The Overflow #17 Charcoal Digest - Tuesday, ...
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We’re Updating The GDPR-Related Sections Of Our Legal Portal

We’re doing a bit of an overhaul in our legal portal when it comes to how we organize our GDPR-related pages and information. There’s no change in what we collect or how we use it. Our goal is to make ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Trying to download GDPR data dump results in "Oops! Something Bad Happened!"

I'm trying to download a data portability export archive for my account. I submitted my original request via on Jan 22 18:00, it began processing Jan 22 ...
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How long should I expect a GDPR data rectification request to take?

Likely in September (2019), through looking at my profile using moderator tools (which I no longer have access to since I resigned as a moderator in early October, and I tried very hard to avoid using ...
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How can I submit a GDPR request (e.g. delete account, rectify data, etc)?

The GDPR gives us some rights, e.g. the right to be forgotten or to have one's data rectified. I submit this question and my answer, such that what I found might be easier for others to access. E.g. ...
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45 votes
1 answer

Is "The Loop" covered by SO's Privacy and GDPR policies?

SO's "GDPR Policy" states in part we describe how we collect and use your data, and how we use technologies like cookies to understand how we can better help developers. However, The Loop's first ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Can users 13 to 15 years old who are based outside of the European Union use SE while traveling to the EU?

The Terms of Service contains the following snippet: If you are located within the European Union, you must be at least 16 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without ...
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16 votes
1 answer

What happened to accounts that were previously of age, but became underage once GDPR was adopted?

I'm aware that in 2018, the GDPR was adopted in the European Union, and in response, SE amended its license terms to require that all users from the EU be at least 16 to participate in the site. ...
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72 votes
3 answers

Can a GDPR request take up to a month to process?

Out of curiosity, I've submitted a GDPR request just now. (I live in the Netherlands, so the GDPR applies to me) The fact that I've had to confirm my request through my attached email is excellent, ...
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"You’re receiving this email because you are subscribed to The Overflow Newsletter from Stack Overflow." - are you sure?

This morning I received a spam email from SE ("The Overflow - issue #1..."). At the bottom it says that "You’re receiving this email because you are subscribed to The Overflow Newsletter from Stack ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Can Community Managers contact deleted users?

The short version: This question over on Ask Ubuntu got downvoted into oblivion (-6 is oblivion for AU) and subsequently deleted. I posted an AU meta question to prevent other users from deleting ...
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How to report bugs relating to the GDPR that have a huge impact on the reputation of Stack Overflow?

A while back, I discovered a bug in the GDPR data exporter. This data exporter is supposed to export all user data, but at the moment, it doesn't. While I didn't talk publicly about this to prevent ...
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My data access request will be processed last year?

On October 4th I opened a GDPR Portability request ("Export my data"). Today I received an email that my request will be processed and I will receive an answer on 3rd November 2018. This is also ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Is Winter Bash's opt-in/opt-out GDPR compliant?

Quote from this comment (posted by balpha ♦): ... While the publicly visible behavior is like you don't have hats (e.g. it's not visible on your avatar, you don't count towards the site leaderbords,...
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GDPR banner on network sites without account

Sometimes when browsing the hot network questions I see the GDPR banner on every network site where I haven't made an account because I don't want to participate actively. Dismissing it just makes it ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Where can I download my user data? (GDPR data portability)

The GDPR (not to be confused with GDFR) does mandate data portability, which even Instagram listened to by introducing a user archive download feature. Does the Stack Exchange Network also have such ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Is embedding arbitrary external images GDPR compliant?

Currently, SE allows user to embed arbitrary images (from HTTPS sources) into posts and into comments in chat. The consequence of this is that whoever controls the server those images are hosted on ...
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48 votes
1 answer

Can I have my flair without the cookie, please?

Even though I would like so, I refrain from adding a flair link on my personal web site because solely serving the PNG flair image file already places a third party prov cookie on the computer of my ...
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335 votes
15 answers

Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

It's actually nothing to worry about. You as users end up with more protection, and companies like us are left in a place where we've got a framework for handling your information that puts much ...
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27 votes
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Why did I not find out about the TOS change until now (two weeks later) and only from a Reddit post?

Apparently the Stack Exchange terms changed two weeks ago. According to this the change went live on the second of May, and e-mails should have been sent "in the days ahead". Well, it's now two weeks ...
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29 votes
2 answers

Can we get an official statement about how the arbitration clause will be managed for foreign countries like European ones?

DISCLAIMER: the arguments described in this topic have already been referenced in multiple posts, yet no official comment on the issue was made that I'm aware of. This post is being made to raise ...
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135 votes
26 answers

Electronic opt-out, correcting miscommunication, and additional questions answered about the 2018 ToS update

We’ve listened to what you’ve been telling us about the arbitration clause that our most recent ToS update introduced. While we can't incorporate all of the feedback you offered, we did listen to it, ...
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128 votes
12 answers

We're examining the implementation of arbitration in the 2018 ToS update

This is an addendum to our announcement about a recent ToS update concerning Stack Overflow For Teams and GDPR; I'm starting a separate discussion because concerns about the third bullet, an ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Will Stack Exchange respect EU's "right to be forgotten"?

If a citizen of EU would request all his questions and answers to be deleted from all Stack Exchange sites, would that request be carried out? I'm not just talking about account deletion, where ...
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