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For questions about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, an EU privacy law) related to Stack Exchange. Do not ask questions about GDPR in general.

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We’re Updating The GDPR-Related Sections Of Our Legal Portal

We’re doing a bit of an overhaul in our legal portal when it comes to how we organize our GDPR-related pages and information. There’s no change in what we collect or how we use it. Our goal is to make ...
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How long should I expect a GDPR data rectification request to take?

Likely in September (2019), through looking at my profile using moderator tools (which I no longer have access to since I resigned as a moderator in early October, and I tried very hard to avoid using ...
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In GDPR data dumps, can the backslashes in file paths please be changed to forward slashes, so they're not broken for non-Windows users?

(A quick note: I'm a primarily Windows user, but as an occasional Mac and Linux user, and having technical knowledge of the issue, I can see why this is a problem, and many others have raised this ...
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270 views missing cookie consent logic

There appear to be two bugs on regarding GDPR/CookieLaw and cookie consent: There's no cookie consent dialog, similar to the rest of the Stack Exchange network You can't manage ...
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How do I permanently set my cookie preferences?

I visit Stack Overflow on my phone several times a week, and it seems like about once a week (maybe more?) I get this cookie banner. I make my selections, and expect the site to remember them. A week ...
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Is embedding arbitrary external images GDPR compliant?

Currently, SE allows user to embed arbitrary images (from HTTPS sources) into posts and into comments in chat. The consequence of this is that whoever controls the server those images are hosted on ...
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My data access request will be processed last year?

On October 4th I opened a GDPR Portability request ("Export my data"). Today I received an email that my request will be processed and I will receive an answer on 3rd November 2018. This is also ...
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GDPR banner on network sites without account

Sometimes when browsing the hot network questions I see the GDPR banner on every network site where I haven't made an account because I don't want to participate actively. Dismissing it just makes it ...
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