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What does the recent blog post mean by "community-driven AI"?

The title of this blog post is: OverflowAI is now Generally Available! A new era of community-driven AI I don't fully understand what it means by "community-driven AI". From a lot of the ...
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Why are people so unhappy about the OpenAI partnership? Am I missing something?

I'm reading the answers at Our Partnership with OpenAI, and a lot of people seem very unhappy about the partnership. I feel violated, cheated upon, betrayed, and exploited. And so on. But... why? ...
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42 votes
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How can a user unhappy with the LLM partnerships protest constructively (and ideally- effectively)?

I'm more asking this on behalf* of the many people I see trying to express protest to the OpenAI partnership in ways that get themselves into trouble: Deleting their own posts- individual or en masse ...
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15 votes
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What will be the actual impact of SE's "socially responsible AI" policy?

When the company announced the partnerships with Google and OpenAI they made a big deal out of their commitment to "socially responsible AI" (see this blog post for details). A big part of ...
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27 votes
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Can the "Right to be forgotten" and a LLM "non-negotiable attribution" be reconciled? Do they need to?

I was trying to make sense of the impact of the GDPR "Right to be forgotten" rules in accordance to the growing number of LLM partnership the network is announcing lately. The data subject ...
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Our Partnership with OpenAI

Update May 14, 2024 I know there have been a lot of questions and comments around attribution. I recently answered a question related to both and am linking to it here for visibility. Today, we ...
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3 answers

I wanted to give a bounty to an answer, but it was deleted by CommunityBot, and the author is temporarily suspended. What should I do?

I wanted to give a bounty to an answer to my question. But the answer was unexpectedly deleted by CommunityBot. Its author is temporarily suspended. What should I do? The answer looks excellent and ...
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3 votes
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Minor terminology improvement for the AI policy,,,, etc. state: ...
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30 votes
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Can we get an [ai-policy] magic link?

Now that sites have AI policies, it seems like we would benefit from a magic link, like [ai-policy], linking to the site's respective help page. I tested this just now, but it didn't work, and it's ...
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Our partnership with Google and commitment to socially responsible AI

Today, we announced an exciting new partnership with Google to bring Google's Gemini to Stack Overflow and to provide Stack Overflow content directly within Google Cloud. The story of this partnership ...
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Reminder about AI generated answers for non-English SOs [duplicate]

On the big Stack Overflow we have a notice in the answer box about the AI-generated answers policy: Can we spread the same for the rest of the Stack Overflow sites in non-English languages: Russian, ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How is OverflowAI search going to compete with search engine + generative AI chatbot technologies?

Note: This post is primarily addressed to the company. When I say "you" in this post, I am referring to the company. A couple weeks ago, Microsoft dropped "Copilot" / "New ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Add a warning about generative AI on other sites (only to sites which banned generative AI) of Stack Exchange

On Stack Overflow (only in English) there is the warning about generative AI answers: Reminder: Answers generated by Artificial Intelligence tools are not allowed on Stack Overflow. Learn more. Can ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Artificial "intelligence" and Stack Overflow copyright

A comment to one of my answers: This was a really creative way to circumvent the problem. Bing GPT gave me the exact text that you wrote here(i searched and came here to give you the very well ...
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Are OverflowAI and Stack Overflow Labs the same thing? has several sections having buttons and links. Box below the page title Get previews and early access to our public platform featuresSign Up For more information about ...
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-21 votes
13 answers

How can Stack Exchange use AI, and especially GenAI, to facilitate Q&A?

We’ve got a dedicated team working on adding GenAI to Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow for Teams and will have some exciting news to share this summer. --- Prashanth Chandrasekar, April 2023. The ...
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98 votes
3 answers

Competing with ChatGPT Answers: An Expert's Perspective

Although I'm a moderator on two network sites who has had to deal with GenAI answers, I'm writing this from the perspective of a lower (<2k reputation, with limited access to moderation tools) user ...
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Is there a list of ChatGPT or other AI-related discussions and policies for our sites?

Lately, the use of ChatGPT on the network has become controversial, with Stack Overflow completely banning using generated text for content and several other sites considering bans. Could we get a ...
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