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France is not within 30 miles of London [closed]

On Stack Overflow Careers, I regularly do a search for candidates within 30 miles of London. I often get matches with candidates who have listed that they want to work in France, and expressly not ...
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What percent of SE users are in 'winter' during this 'winter bash'?

Curiosity prompted by being a minority that lives in the Southern hemisphere. Are we forgotten, overlooked, ignored or simply hated by those in the temperate latitudes of the North who would actually ...
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Careers 2.0 Address Changes [closed]

When I enter my location as "Ashdod, Israel" it is converted to "Emunim, Israel", which is not even close. Why not just trust me on knowing where I am?
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Search for 'Poland' does not find a Krakow job

This job ad (in Krakow): Does not show up in this search (location=Poland): http://careers....
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Careers has some weird definition of 'near'

The homepage of the Stack Overflow careers suggest that jobs around ten thousand kilometers away are 'near' me: Distance between Singapore and Berlin: It might be a feature, though a better ...
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Where in the world is "Moscow, Moskva Russia"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why does careers location field change Jyväskylä to Jyvaskyla? When I type "Moscow, Russia" in, it corrects me to "Moscow, Moskva Russia". ...
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Is there a geographical pattern to the top rep holders?

Someone asked today about the best time to ask a question (a question that has come up before) and it got me thinking that if there is a best time, then there is probably a particular geographical ...
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Is it possible to find users within a geographical location [duplicate]

I want to view the users on stackexchange that are from my country (mostly for programmers and stackoverflow) Is there any way I can get this level of information?
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