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How does a lay user of an SE site ever get to the Greatest Hits page? [duplicate]

I was recently made aware that there is such a thing as a "Greatest Hits" page for SE sites, due to this kerfuffle. But - isn't it effectively a secret easter egg? Are lay, regular users ...
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New post summary designs on site home pages and greatest hits now; everywhere else eventually

Update 3 - 2022-02-01 We've rolled out another small set of changes + bugfixes. The largest change was that we removed the yellow from watched tags entirely, leaving just the new "watched" ...
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Greatest Hits definition text should be more visible on all sites where dark mode is enabled

Similar to this post, the text: On the /questions/greatest-hits page for RU SO, ES SO, and PT SO in Dark Mode is too faint, too silvery. I'd like that to be changed to something like: Or (credit to ...
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Should the "Greatest Hits" page be given more prominence?

I am very active on multiple Stack Exchange sites. Yesterday, I happened to chance across a post on a per-site meta remarking that there is a Greatest Hits page. That post is nearly eight years old. ...
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Where's the "Greatest Hits" question page?

A user on EL&U meta has told us we now have a Greatest Hits Questions Page. Here is the link The "Greatest Hits" page ...
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What should we do about Greatest Hits?

A few years back, the team rolled out a Greatest Hits page that purported to display the "public face" of a site's (or an individual user's) content. This was never linked to from within the ...
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HTML-Snippet on greatest hits page

I just checked the greatest hits page at SO and saw this: I don't think this should look like that. Maybe more like that?
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Greatest Hits page isn't particularly great at maths

The Greatest Hits page (like the one on Stack Overflow) displays 1000 items with a page size of 50, but has 21 pages: As a result, the last page is always empty and should just not be included. ...
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Eeeek! Greatest hits page broken in beta sites on Firefox

Expanding questions on the greatest hits page doesn't work properly on beta sites -- expansion is to the right instead of down. See below: Repro: Go to [betasite]
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How can we utilize the "Greatest hits" list for our sites?

We have been trying to figure out ways to utilize anon feedback. One idea was to use the information to find questions that are disproportionately popular with the anon and low rep users (aka. The ...
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Are the "greatest hits" in the Stack Overflow newsletter appropriate?

I have been surprised by the questions featured as the "greatest hits" in the Stack Overflow newsletter. 2012 January 3 Most useful free third-party Java libraries (deleted) 2011 November ...
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