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18 votes
3 answers

Can we make automatically-scaling reputation thresholds work?

In the discussion on design-independent graduation, which stemmed into a more general discussion on the graduation process, it occurred to me that there's an obvious solution to the reputation-change ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Should we be reaching out to existing expert communities? If so, how?

Way back in March 2011, when Joel had a random open chat session, I asked him this: The more time I spend on Stack Exchange, the more it seems like one of the biggest factors — if not the biggest — ...
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9 votes
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Can I promote our site by email?

I've recently started thinking that law students would be a great target audience for the Law site, and so I'm planning on sending a couple of emails to student law societies introducing them to our ...
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3 votes
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What is the median reputation growth rate, ratio'ed to question and answer count, for a static stackoverflow account?

I have a relatively static stackoverflow account. I ask the occasional question and give that occasional answer but not often. Early on I was more active, so I have about 100 questions and about 200 ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How long did it take for SO to get a full page of 10k users?

How long did it take for SO to get a full page of 10k users? When I browse around SO I see 79 featured questions, 8.5 pages of > 10k users, and questions that have 400 upvotes! How long did it take ...
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3 answers

From where can I refer a friend to visit [duplicate]

It would be nice if we can spread the world, by just one click - email.
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