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Hat-Request is for questions that request a new hat for Winter Bash and other hat events

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27 votes
3 answers

Skippy Hat: Use Winterbash to encourage Skip

Every now and then, reviewers need to be reminded that they can use Skip during review. There is not really an encouragement to use Skip; it does not increase your review count (nor should it). ...
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26 votes
3 answers

Can we have a Royal hat next year?

Getting my hat request in early. I noticed a distinct lack of any royal headgear this year. No crowns, no tiaras, nada. May I suggest a royal hat next year, perhaps this one, sported by Her Royal ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is There A Frosty Hat

I have seen the Santa hat, the reindeer antlers but is there a Frosty hat, complete with a corncob pipe and a button nose? If not, may I suggest one =)
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-10 votes
1 answer

Could Premium Hats Be Added To Winter Bash

I know the Winter Bash is temporary but for next year, could premium hats be added to the mix. Ones that you can use your reputation to buy? Just thinking of ways reputation could be used for more fun ...
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-25 votes
1 answer

No scumbag steve hat?

I want to express my disappointment. There is no "Scumbag Steve" hat. Why? I will go to great lengths to receive this hat, and I am sure some other people will too. Make it happen. ps: My name is ...
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45 votes
4 answers

Why are there no tinfoil hats?

Ever since the StackOverflow conspiracy was first discovered we know we have been living with all our imaginary Internet dollar points at risk. The Winter Bash would be the perfect opportunity to put ...
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