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Why is the JavaScript file that deal with Winter Bash hats called "hakovaim.js"?

Looking through Network tab on Chrome developer tools, I noticed a file called "hakovaim.js" and in it seems to be code that controls the Winter Bash hats. Why was this name chosen? The word ...
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Hebrew in title breaks tweet

I'm not sure if this is an SE bug, or a Twitter bug, but the fact remains...when this question was tweeted earlier, it showed up on my phone in three pieces, missing the Hebrew. Reason for suggesting ...
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Chat bug with displaying starred message in Hebrew

I've noticed that there is a bug in displaying Hebrew symbols when a message is starred. Here we go: The message sample: Message is starred: As you can see, it's displayed wrong (I guess because of ...
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Integrated virtual keyboards for posts and chat

Over on the Judaism site, HodofHod implemented an integrated virtual keyboard for typing Hebrew: The keyboard works on Biblical Hermeneutics and will work on Hebrew Language & Usage if and ...
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When the username contains Hebrew characters the timestamp of a comment is split in two

Looking at the comments of this user, I noticed that the timestamp of the comment is written partially before the username, and partially after it.
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