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Do declined comment flags contribute to becoming hell banned? [closed]

As per this question - it seems dismissed flags on answers/questions eventually can allow your flags to not be seen. I had asked about how frequently we should flag comments on a beta site. This ...
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Allow recovery from flag hellban

Currently, users can get stuck in a permanent flag hellban from which there is no recovery. I've asked around before and it doesn't look like recovery is possible. To recover, you'd need to gain ...
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Would hellbanning be a suitable alternative to blocking spam URLs?

On Super User, we saw a constant spamming from over the last year. At some point, we decided to block their URL. Now, they're back: However, they're using a link to a forum, where ...
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Does hellbanning exist, and did it happen to me? [duplicate]

I feel I might have been hellbanned, and I'd like to know if there is any recourse. Per CodingHorror: A hellbanned user is invisible to all other users, but crucially, not himself. From their ...
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Is there going to be a process around hellbanning?

Given Jeff's recent blog post about hellbanning users, I must say I think the idea (making that user's content visible to only them) is a good one. However, the people in whose hands that power will ...
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