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Questions tagged [help-center-proposed]

This tag is for posts suggesting additions or clarifications to the Help Center.

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Good Subjective and Knowledge Questions vs Problems You Face

Currently the Don't Ask page of SE sites indicates "You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face" however Good Subjective, Bad Subjective, as well as a ...
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The policy of editing out “noise” should be proactively explained and more easily referred to and justified

Across the network, but especially on Stack Overflow, it's considered important to edit questions and answers to remove noise. Of course I agree with this policy; it's part of what keeps the sites ...
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Can we briefly explain the "wrong" review count where new reviewers will see it?

A frequently-asked question across the network is why the number in the top bar next to the "review" link doesn't match the tally of items visible in the queues. It seems like this has come up on ...
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Add the fact that only registered users can delete their own questions to our help pages

This request comes from the post Why can't a user delete their own question that was just asked and has had no activity? The answer to that question was that the user who posted the question was ...
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Add an explanation about the difference and role of the per-site and networkwise meta to the Help center

I just crossed paths with a very new (and highly active) user in chat, and it turned out that he had never known about Meta - and when he tried to visit it, he clicked the featured question of the ...
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Please can we document how tags and wild cards interact in the help center?

While writing this question I noticed we don't actually document how tags and wildcards interact. As per the help pages we document them separately: To search within specific tag(s), enter them in ...
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Why are the community-specific close reasons not automatically included in the don't ask help article?

Any person can read a general pan-SE list of close reasons. Any person can read a site-specific list of on-topic areas – these are available in the help center. In a few SE sites, there is a list of &...
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Explain reasons for accepting an answer in Help Center

A new user on an SE site indicated in the comments that one of the answers to their posted question was best. I left a comment encouraging them to accept that answer, and gave a link to this help ...
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Add a help-center link to "In need of moderator intervention" in the question flagging menu

In the flagging menu (see bottom for reference), almost every single category has a link to a clarifying help center entry. The only exceptions are: Duplicates (which has a comprehensive submenu ...
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Suggested modification to Help Center "How Do I Search" text

The "How Do I Search" text in the Help Center describes searching for tags by enclosing them in brackets. It also describes using a wildcard in word search terms. But it doesn't mention that ...
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Update page about "Talk In Chat" privilege in Help Centers

This question says edits to the Help Center shall be posted in a meta, so here you go. On the Talk In Chat page, under Where is chat?, it says a link can be found in the "top left corner of the page"....
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Format for searching by date

As described on the help page you can search by date using format: YYYY-MM-DD But turns out that another format: MM-DD-YYYY is also acceptable. I know that such format is used in USA, but ...
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