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IPv6 and the StackExchange network [duplicate]

This morning I'm working in a cafe where bizarrely the WiFi DHCP gave me an IPv6 address (and DNS, etc), but no IPv4. As such, I can use IPv6-enabled sites such as, but stack exchange sites ...
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Do images that have been removed remain hosted? [duplicate]

Say I add an image to an answer. It's hosted on like all images here are. Then say I remove it from my answer for whatever reason. Does this image remain hosted by i.stack....
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Where are the Stack Exchange servers located? [duplicate]

Where are the Stack Exchange servers located? And who is the hosting provider for Stack Exchange?
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Potential to abuse Imgur? was created to avoid link rotting of images. Images not uploaded with an Imgur Pro account may be kept for only at least six months unless there is one view of that image per six ...
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Where is the most appropriate place to ask a question about hosting providers?

I would like to ask a question about developer's experiences with different Windows Dedicated Server hosting providers. Assuming that my question is technology-specific, and worded as objectively as ...
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Why are Stack Exchange sites not hosted on a cloud?

Could anyone please explain the key reasons why Stack Exchange is not hosted on a cloud service? I fully understand that choosing between hosting on a cloud versus hosting on own servers requires ...
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Using StackExchange as Q&A System on Current Website

I am looking to integrate a Q&A script into a large website I am working on and StackExchange would be a great fit for us. The only issue we have is the level of control we would like to have on ...
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What would Stack Exchange's yearly expenses be if it were to be using a third-party host?

Stack Exchange manages its own servers, as it should, but if Stack Exchange were to be hosted on a third-party "cloud" hosting (like Amazon), what would its monthly and yearly expenses be (...
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Non-hosted version? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow could be very useful for my company, e.g. for new employees looking for answers on how company processes work. Is there a way to buy Stack Overflow as a product and to deploy it ...
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Can you host the stackexchange software yourself to create a site? [duplicate]

I was wondering if I could create my own site using the software behind stackexchange and link back or retain some stackexchange branding so people know what the site is using?
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What would you estimate are Stack Overflow's monthly server fees? [closed]

I'm a total noob when it comes to servers, so I just wanted to get a rough idea of how much some of the most visited sites in the world cost to host. What's your rough estimate for Stack Overflow's ...
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free hosting to demo a static webpage for SO question?

I have a little html issue and wanted to post the page on the web. Are there any free hosting services I can use for this? The page has static content so I don't need a service which supports ...
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Image hosting for Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

I'm sure this has been asked before but a quick search on Stack Overflow didn't turn up any result. I've put images on my own site for now but it's quite possible I'll restructure or move hosts at ...