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NOTE: hot answers are different from answers to Hot Network Questions; use the [hot-questions] tag instead. This tag is only for questions about the 'hot answers' feature on tag info pages.

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Hottest answers of all time on a specifc tag not right

When I looked at the hottest answers for the discussion tag, I realized that some answers were missing from the list, like this one. An even bigger example is the python tag on Stack Overflow, it ...
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1 answer

Why the high voted answer is missing in hottest answers list?

In the weekly hottest javascript answers list I am unable to find the answer of @Dennis Cheung which was given on Jun 4 at 5:22 and at the moment has 99 upvotes. However the answer by @Baadshah given ...
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Why does "tag info" list hot answers, not hot questions?

If you go to and , you get a list of hot answers, not hot questions. Why does it do this?
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What is the minimum length for an answer to be considered hot?

The "Hot Answers" page for a tag says: Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible What is that minimum length?
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