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Can we experiment to use AI for moderators? [closed]

With the risk to be severely downvoted and thrown to Hell by the existing human moderators, here is a heretical idea: Replace all moderators by AI-ones, making the life of the former much happier, ...
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Can the community satisfy Sparky's demands before the earth is destroyed? [A novel Winter Bash idea]

Out of character: This is a Winter Bash idea motivated by comments such as: As an aside, I would love to hear suggestions from people that have nothing to do with hats. This was the 8th year we've ...
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Is there a humor Q&A in Stack Exchange?

I want to ask some funny things (humor questions) but I don't know where. Is there an appropriate Q&A site in Stack Exchange? Maybe not only humor, but we all known memes. Why don't have a site ...
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Would a "Facepalm" tag be useful/fun?

This has been asked before in reference to badges but not about tags. I asked a question a while back on Server Fault, and it turned out to be a facepalm-style problem (and solution). While it could ...
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Is it acceptable to make a humourous comment that may demean the questioner?

Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to make humourous comments and answers in SO, particularly where relates to technologies or in reference to flame wars, is it acceptable to make comments that may ...
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New users treatment: a case study

Recent moderator elections pays a lot of attention to how to green a new user on SO. Here is an example how a misleading produces offtopic funny answers:
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Editing out the dramatics from a question that may have been upvoted because of the style

I saw this question, and while I'm sure it was a real question (I don't know c#), had some dramatic emphasis every line. For example: This appears to be impossible. And if I can't get around the ...
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Are humorous question titles allowed, even if they don't accurately describe the problem?

The edit history of this question involves several edits to the title. The title was initially the humorous "Your jewels are much too big!", but has since been changed to Moderator diamond is too ...
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Should we remove small, humorous parts in answers? [duplicate]

This edit was made to my answer, which I have since rolled back. When I saw it, I was offended by it - yes, it was a joke, but it didn't take away from the quality of the answer at all - it was in its ...
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How to discourage joke questions [closed]

The recent goat example in my opinion is an example of a question that, though properly formatted, should have been blocked much earlier. I know the question in some manner has been beneficial to the ...
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How do the Stack Overflow community view (humor|humour) in questions/answers/comments?

While I appreciate that exacting questions, answers and indeed standards are the measure by which Stack Overflow is judged by viewers, contributors and searchers, I can't help myself in including ...
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On the ethicality of user-run April Fools' pranks

While I'm aware of today's brilliant SO prank, I decided to also run my own*, because I'm in the uncomfortable position of topping SO's weekly user board today. I decided to use it to promote Movies....
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We are offline ... we will post details on the blog and twitter [closed]

Note, this is semi-serious, mainly due to the fact the blogs were down and my imagination wasn't... It's also possible this is already the case, just not linked in the maintenance message. Mod-closed? ...
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Is humour allowed in questions?

Is humour permitted in questions? I have tried to have some fun with serious questions, like I am captive pleasehelp (10k only). I understand that "help" is not allowed in titles because of my other ...
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This is Stack Overflow, not a comedy club! (?)

I posted an answer that was informative, albeit formatted jokingly (be it in bad taste or not), and while I understand 'we don't have fun here', or something like that, I was under the impression that ...
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Purpose and use of badges

I've made a couple suggestions for humorous and/or trivial badges, which have been met with much ire. Maybe I should have asked before posting such suggestions (and losing much repute therewith). Are ...
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Was there a special prize for the 1,000th 10Ker?

There are 953 10K rep people on SO, up 10 on last week - so I guess June 2011 will see the psychologically important 1000 SO 'super' user mark breached. Aside from the bunting that is released from ...
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Should humorous, clever answers be removed?

Is there really any need for moderators to delete answers, such as this one that are obviously tongue-in-cheek but which are also entirely in keeping with the spirit of the programming language about ...
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Shouldn't Stack Overflow reward appropriate Wit and Repartee?

I'm still a bit sore about the fact that one or two of my recent responses to SO questions were downvoted by others in the community because of the witty and/or ironic way I expressed myself. Shouldn'...
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Is sense of humor of SO members inversely proportional to their rep? [closed]

I asked this question on SO only to get 10 downvotes. The person who got half of the joke (but only after a hint) and identified it for the rest of the users got 13 upvotes. SO is a community of ...
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Ow, it burns. My eyes! [duplicate]

This is just wrong.
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Be Jon Skeet for a month

Prompted by the recent questions about negative voted questions and inspired by the actual most negative question on meta. Because it's obvious that unless Jon, God forbid, would lose interest or ...
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Proper course of action after editing downvoted question to get it answered

After reading hundreds of boring to-the-point questions, I asked this legitimate question on XSD and XML schemas, sprinkled with Pulp Fiction and unicorn references. Needless to say my question was ...
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How should "humorous" trolling be handled?

Consider "What coding practices are considered derogatory to the compiler? [closed]" on Stack Overflow. I imagine that the poster thinks that this is a joke. At least that is how his/her/its comments ...
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Humor in Comments deleted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do Stackers consistently vote down humorous responses? I find that answers and comments are downvoted or flagged simply because of humor or a pop culture reference like "...
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What are the funniest Trilogy posts?

I'm including Meta in Trilogy. Is there a more accurate term? (Quadrilogy?)
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New Site Suggestion

It seems there's a market for Any takers? Mid-term season.
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What's programming related?

This question caused quite a "stir": (Only 10k users can view this question ...
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What's the most downvoted question or answer on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the most upvoted/downvoted questions and answers on the sites? After watching the meltdown which just happened on SO question Can you explain what this code fragment ...
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How can we be more tolerant of humor?

Consider this example. How can we make the system more tolerant of humor? One option would be to have a joke checkbox (just like community wiki) on answers only (not questions). Of course, if you ...
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Are Shakespeare's monkeys here?

We've all experienced this issue - we ask a question and immediately get inundated with Shakespeare's monkeys all trying to get the answer right in the shortest time (I swear 50% of Hamlet appeared in ...
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Why do Stackers consistently vote down humorous responses?

I've noticed that humorous responses tend to get voted down quickly and regularly. Typically software developers have a keen sense of humor, and nurture it as a survival instinct. It does not make ...
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Is humor allowed in answers?

Sometimes I see a question and a humorous answer to it. Sometimes it makes me laugh, and I'm tempted to up-vote it, even if it doesn't really solve the problem stated by the question. But, I have ...