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Questions relating to size modifiers added to the end of an image URL. (h, l, m, t, b, s)

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Markdown help page should include information on how to resize images in a post

In all of the communities, there's a similar Markdown help page. I'm in particular interested in the images section. Very often when writing Q&As, especially from mobile, users take advantage of ...
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Scale between the imgur m & l image modificators

This feature scales images down without having to use HTML tags. It's a great idea but anything below "l" is instantly too small. I get that it's supposed to be 100% then 50% then 25%, but it's such a ...
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Is the continuing absence of Imgur resizing for new images still temporary, or permanent? ETA? [duplicate]

The question The Stack Imgur service is no longer resizing images correctly has a work-around listed, but no information about the reason this function is suddenly not available for new images thought ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Sizing suffixes on uploads broken

Traditionally we could easily resize an image by adding a s,m or l at the end of a filename after uploading it via the image uploader. That doesn't seem to work any more. I've tested it on Q&A as ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Preserve image transparency when resizing images

Whenever an image is resized on Stack Exchange using URL modifiers, any transparent elements or backgrounds will be lost in the conversion. Exactly how the missing transparency is handled can vary ...
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Provide an option to resize/link to the original image when uploading an image

Uploading an image now put an (original size) image linked to itself. IMHO, it feels like a misfeature to me. Usually, I don't want the image to be linked to anywhere. Sometimes but not always, I ...
52 votes
2 answers

Thumbnail image on Stack Overflow

How can you thumbnail an uploaded image on Stack Overflow?