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For questions about the Improve Edit button that lets you perform further editing to a pending suggested edit. For the 'Improve this question/answer' link you see when you're not logged in to suggest an edit, please use [suggested-edits].

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Add "improve and reopen/leave closed" options to the question edit queue

Whenever a significant edit is made to a closed question, the editor can choose to let it enter the reopen queue (with the "This edit resolves the original close reason and the question should be ...
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Can a moderator overrule a suggested edit approved by the Community user?

I'm aware of what's explained in the answer to "Why does the Community ♦ user approve and reject edits?". However, consider a suggested edit review scenario which looks like so: ModeratorX♦ reviewed ...
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Spurious “This post has been edited” notice when improving a suggested edit

In the last weeks, the following happened to me a few times: In the suggested edits queue, I choose to improve an edit. I edit the post and submit the improved edit. I receive a notice: This post ...
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How can Community♦ improve edit suggestions?

The reviewer stats on Stack Overflow about the Community♦ user say the following: Community has approved 351480 edit suggestions and rejected 182464 edit suggestions and improved 1492 edit ...
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Suggested Edit queue shows conflict warning for my own edit after submitting improvement

After reviewing as Improve Edit and submitting the improvement, I got the orange header bar telling me the post had been edited twice and I ...
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Show tags when improving a suggested edit on an answer, not just question

Today I was improving a suggested edit on another site to correct some spelling errors and add in some more information for better clarity. However when I was in the edit screen, the tags were not ...
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Improved X edit suggestions

I noticed today that the reviewer stats on suggested edits now says something like user31415 has approved X edit suggestions and rejected Y edit suggestions and improved Z edit suggestions I'm ...
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Why can't I see a suggested edit when I try to improve it?

I went to review a suggested edit ( The edit seemed reasonable, but could be better, so I clicked the 'Improve' button. This took me to an ...
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What (how much) exactly is "more substantive", when an improvement to a suggested edit conflicts with an edit by the suggester?

'Tis the day before Christmas and I've found a reason to have a whinge. This has been discussed before, but there are still bits to work on. Can we please get a commitment from the team to do ...
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Pressing Esc when adding link also dismisses edit popup

When you press Esc on an editor popup while in an edit dialog, the popup is closed. Steps to reproduce: Find a post with a suggested edit Click the edit(1) link Click Improve Use the editor to add a ...
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The message "Community♦ reviewed this ...: Approve" in suggested edits [duplicate]

I've noticed that the message above appears sometimes when I choose "Improve" in the suggested edit review queue, as in this link. Given that the Community approval and my edit have the same time ...
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"Your edit can only be saved" notification bar on review items persists to the next review

I was reviewing suggested edits on Ask Ubuntu, and as I improved an edit (keeping the "helpful" box checked, in case that matters), I was informed that the post had been edited. In this case, it ...
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You cannot edit an old revision while there is a pending suggested edit

I was just trying to improve a suggested edit from the review queue and received this message: You cannot edit an old revision while there is a pending suggested edit. This seems really counter ...
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My Edit action wasn't recorded for a review

I reviewed a couple suggested edits this morning here on Meta, but one of my actions didn't get recorded. I decided to improve this suggestion and also marked it as not helpful because it didn't ...
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My edit is much more substantial, but I'm always turned down [duplicate]

I've come across this problem many times and it's very frustrating. I improve a suggested-edit, and when I submit it, I get the error box that says the original edit suggestion has already been ...
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Don't show "not substantive error" when improving edit suggestions [duplicate]

Sometimes I encounter a suggested edit that is overall helpful and complete, but misses one or two really small issues (typos, punctuation, etc.). In those cases I tend to click Improve, fix those ...
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Improvements to a suggested edit should be saved even if the suggested edit was approved [duplicate]

When you try to improve a suggested edit, and the edit gets approved while before you hit "Save Edits", the improved can no longer be saved: The problem here is that Jesse didn't really "already edit"...
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Empty revision after edit suggestion has been improved by two users

I just reviewed a suggested edit on this question. It turns out that apart from myself another user seemed to have improved the post while marking the original suggestion as not helpful. The revision ...
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How can we provide feedback when improving suggested edits?

Sometimes I notice the same users repeatedly making suggested edits, with some kind of general pattern of issues - they're generally fixing real problems, but also making erroneous changes of some ...
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Unable to improve tag wiki excerpts (I get a blank box)

I was reviewing suggested edits on Stack Overflow and saw two tag wiki excerpts that I wanted to improve: source-separation, convex-hull. When I clicked “Improve”, I reached the usual improve UI. ...
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What happens when we improve a suggested edit? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do suggested edits work? When going through the Suggested Edit queue, with my > 3K reputation on SuperUser, what happens if I select the Improve button and edit it? Does ...
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11 votes
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Punctuation error in Improve Post error message

In the Suggested Edits review queue, if you select Improve and then immediately press save (without making any improvements), this error message appears: You seem to be improving a post however, you ...
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11 votes
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Suggested Edit queue renders tag-wiki-excerpts with Markdown Preview

When you "Improve" a tag-wiki-excerpt on the new Suggested Edit queue, you get Markdown editing tools and a live Markdown-enabled-preview; which is wrong as Markdown isn't supported on tag-wiki-...
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Improvements to a suggested edit cannot be submitted when the suggestion is approved during editing

I was reviewing a suggested edit and decided that while the edit was incorrect, there were things to improve about the post. So I clicked “Improve” and set about my business. When I tried to submit my ...
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12 votes
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"undefined" when trying to improve a suggested edit

While improving a suggested edit, the suggestion was apparently improved by someone else, and I was barred from making my changes (this is fine and expected). I left the window as-is, but tried to ...
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Where did my improvement go?

I improved this suggested edit while working from the new beta review queue. I'm not sure of the exact timing, but I suspect that the edit was approved (at 21:53:02) by the second reviewer while I was ...
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29 votes
2 answers

Allow 'improve' for Tag Wiki Edit Suggestions

I've been approving or rejecting Tag Wiki Excerpt Edit Suggestions, but some of them are close and I'd like to just tweak them. We can improve regular edit suggestions, how about giving us an Improve ...
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Can we be able to improve an edit after we've already approved it? [duplicate]

I saw a question that was tagged improperly. I went to edit it, only to discover that another user had submitted the exact same edit and it was needing approval. I approved the edit, only to ...
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