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For questions about content on Stack Exchange of an inappropriate nature - note that this may depend on context. When posting such content here (if necessary), PLEASE remember to use spoiler markup: >! to hide it.

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Exclude posts with valid "rude or abusive" flags from appearing as review audits in all review queues

Recently our member reported about inappropriate content in the question in a First Posts review audit. The question was deleted by a moderator, because it contains NSFW pictures. Can you do ...
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Is this avatar appropriate or offensive? [closed]

I've been using this avatar (may be NSFW) at a different forum for years without a problem until today when a moderator on that site sent me a message that he had received complaints about the avatar ...
32 votes
2 answers

The body of my post can't contain "82/213963"

So, I'm writing a response to a question. I want to mention some of the bad old days of Programmers.SE and Stack Overflow. What? Why can't I include "73382/" + two one three nine six three in ...
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3 answers

What is "inappropriate" [closed]

In the Role-playing games site, someone recently asked about possible usage of fictional D&D spell "Friends" which allows caster to charm someone for up to a minute, but such person will later ...
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As a moderator, how do I handle a potentially inappropriate profile picture?

There are already at least a couple of questions (1, 2) about how to handle potentially inappropriate profile pictures, but the answer given in both cases (and other duplicates of those) essentially ...
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Responsibility of SE (imgur pictures)

So I have a strange question. I saw that all uploaded picture on SE get uploaded to an imgur-account. So I'd like to use this possibility (imgur pro) for my website too. But now my question: But are ...
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What kind of character is this? [duplicate]

I was reviewing one question on SO, but the question was having a weird or say special kind of characters/lining over it. I dont understand from where it came ? although that question was removed ...
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Potential Personal Data In Posts [duplicate]

What is Stack Overflow, or in general, Stack Exchange's standing on (innocently positioned) personally identifiable data? For instance, this following post has information that may be PID. It may or ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Where to report pornographic questions on Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is for serious programmers. If I find a user discussing female anatomy and other carnal stuff, where and how can I report such these discussions? Does Stack Exchange have a dedicated ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Link pointing to illegal content

This question contained a link to a warez site run or developed by the OP. Not only the link pointed to illegal content, but also didn't add much value to the question, so I edited it out. Was this ...
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2 answers

What is the meaning of inappropriate content?

I got this message while chatting on Stack Overflow: This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for ** minutes. When I click on that link it is ...
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"Best Java book you have read so far" migrated? [closed]

I noticed that the post "Best Java book you have read so far" has been recently migrated to Programmers: While a similar post The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List is still sitting silently on SO, ...
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Area51 and 4chan?

I came across this proposal: 4Chan and my internal flags went off. For those of you who don't know, 4Chan does have interesting discussions on gaming and is a large producer of internet memes, ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Allow users to put their e-mail in posts?

Should I edit out the (thankfully obsfucated) e-mail address from this post? Is this something we should allow on the site going forward? I don't care about the "thank you" or "hello", but this ...
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Should users profile pictures be vetted in some way?

I noticed a user on SU just now with a profile picture that I think could possibly be considered inappropriate. Firstly, does anyone agree. Do you think this is inappropriate? When I first saw the ...