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Alignment issue for the last modified information in the "Top Questions" page

In the Top Questions page (homepage), the asked/modified X mins ago text was left-aligned next to the tags. Previously the text was right-aligned. Seems some alignment issue introduced on that page ...
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What's wrong in this answer? [duplicate]

This is a screenshot of an answer I cannot post. Preview output is okay, the text is okay, I only have one line of a command, anything else. UPDATE 1: The problem is with the bottom links. How ...
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Make markdown respect a double newline as end of list formatting

I was writing a question in which I used a list to indicate the steps my code takes, immediately followed by the code. Like this: Foo the bar bar the foo Foo = bar / 12 bar = 6 / Foo Albeit being ...
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When you indent an image in a list, it overhangs [duplicate]

As you can see, the image is overhanging the edge of the box. This is also easy to see in editing and creating: Here you can see that the dotted lines are blocked by the image going over it.
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Make Ctrl+K indent entire lines even when the first and last are only partially highlighted

When we select text for indenting, e.g. and Ctrl+k, we get this: I don't think our target audience is accustomed to this behavior, although I could be wrong. The following programs indent entire ...
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Should the formatting style be mimicked when editing posts? [duplicate]

Sometimes I see code like this on Stackoverflow: int main() { if(true){ return 0; } else{ return 1; } while(true){return -1;} } I will usually suggest this edit: int main() { if(true){ ...
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Code indentation not working for that answer, neither tabs nor spaces

I've posted that answer: and I was fighting a bit with indentation. No matter what I've set, spaces or tabs, there is no indentation displayed. Both ...
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How to add empty new line in block quote?

Not sure if this is a duplicate. I can have the following in a block quote: Case 1 00:23 00:54 Case 2 00:21 00:51 But this makes it look clumsy. I want the following ...
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How to easily unindent a block of code?

When editing a post, sometimes the code block has been indented too far and it forces a horizontal scrollbar unnecessarily. Is there a quick way to correct this type of indentation or do I still have ...
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Should Stack Exchange switch to ACE Editor?

There is an Open Source code editor called ACE. It is used in Github gist right now. One feature they have that I love is box shaped text selection. (Alt+Click drag to use) This is hyper-useful ...
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Add 4 spaces in the middle of the code

I know that if I press ctrl + k I automatically can add 4 spaces, but what if the code has already 4 spaces and I need to add 4 spaces more to it? If I press tab in the SO editor it just gets me ...
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2 answers

Code button no longer unindenting like it used to?

As well as slightly different images for the vote counts on question the SO questions pages, the code button in the question editing doesn't seem to be unindenting like it used to do. Is it just me, ...
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Code indenting just appears to be broken here [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Code blocks don’t show leading spaces in IE 9 (and 10) I was trying to edit this person's post. All the spacing is there but it is ignoring all my spaces and indenting. Try ...
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Auto indentation in code editor

When writing code in the question/answer editor's code block I believe that it would be extremely useful if we could have the code auto indented instead of being forced to hit space bar multiple times....
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Un-indenting code when copy-and-pasting from an external editor

Sometimes, when I copy and paste code from my editor to the question box, the indent level is too much; I think there should be buttons to move the indent level left or right without having to ...
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Check for the indentation code control

I know that it isn't a new question (I read already some others questions) but: the question was asked many months ago; my problem, perhaps, is a little different! Well, as I wrote in the previous ...
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Start new lines of code block with same indent as previous line [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Automatic code reindent button AutoIndent of Source Code I realize that you can already indent code blocks with the 'code sample' button or ctrl+K, but that's something you ...
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Can't post question due to code formatting checker

I've tried indenting everything, except for syntax highlighting which I was going to edit after my post it's "blocking" the code correctly, but the code formatting checker keeps rejecting it. What am ...
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I can't post my question because of the "indentation"! How do I fix this?

I entered over 100 lines of code for my question, and then pressed "Submit" on Stack Overflow. The website gave me an error, saying that my code was formatted wrong. It suggested that I use the Ctrl+K ...
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Changing code indentation levels automatically or manually [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add increase/decrease tab indent buttons to the editor toolbar If you have some code which is heavy nested and you just copy some of the inner code you end up with a lot of ...
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Easy way to mark text as code by indenting it [duplicate]

I was wondering if there is an easy way to indent the code in Stack Overflow. Whenever I paste in code, all the code loses its indentation; what I have been doing is manually indenting every line with ...
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Make multi-line code indent work with sloppy selections in the editor

This is only a minor annoyance, but one at least I often run into. Would it be possible to make the "indent code" button (or Ctrl+K) always indent entire lines when there's a multi-line selection? It ...
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Code should be automatically indented when being written

Most of the time, I paste example code into my questions/answers, but for very short snippets I also type it directly into the field in the browser. For those times, it would be really nice to have a ...
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Provide a warning for incomplete indentation when they miss it by that much

Would you believe that someone indented their code with three spaces, and got an error message letting them know that it won't work? Find that hard to believe? Ok, would you believe they got a tool-...
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