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The instant-self-answer is a feature which allows users to answer their own question at the same time they ask it.

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Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to [duplicate]

Sometimes you spend a day or more solving a technical problem, and when you finally solve it, you may want to post it on your blog (if you have one) to share with the community. However, most ...
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What is this "answer your own question" jazz?

I showed up here to write a perfectly normal rant about misaligned pixels, and there's a big fat checkbox cluttering up the "Ask" page: WHAT THE EEEEK IS THIS NEW ABOMINATION?
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First self-answered question, opinions please?

Related SO question: Ad hoc polymorphism and heterogeneous containers with value semantics I have this problem that has been bugging me for ages. Truckloads of people ask about the very same problem, ...
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Why did this self-answered question get deleted so quickly?

A user just asked and self-answered a question that clearly had major problems; specifically, the user didn't understand that, when self-answering, one must take the time to write the questions and ...
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My "instant self answer" was deleted

Short summary: I've created a question with the "Answer your own question" checkbox and answered it. The next day I started seeing people answering the supposedly already answered question and it ...
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Was it improper for me to answer my own question in these two cases?

I just posted two questions on Stack Overflow in which I also included answers: How is it possible to do binary search on a doubly-linked list in O(n) time? How is it possible to do binary search on ...
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Should I wait with posting an answer to my own question? [duplicate]

What is preferred and more valuable for the SO community when I find an answer to my own question? Should I wait with my answer (even when I know it is 100% correct and to the point) to give others a ...
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Is it advantageous to a beta site to postpone or abstain from answering your own question?

Many of us know the answers to a lot of the questions that we could post on a recently-launched beta site. Sometimes I see a question that I'm compelled to answer, but then I see that the author of ...
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Instant self-answers are ordered inconsistently

When the "Answer your own question" checkbox is used to provide an instant self-answer, the self-answer has the same creation timestamp as the question, and its ID number is 1 more than the ...
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How to correctly post a Q&A style question (i.e.self answer) without it failing minimal understanding [duplicate]

As I understand it Q&A style questions are encouraged but a self answered question should be judged independently of the answer. Often after I've solved a problem I would like to share the ...
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Should my self-answered question be deleted?

I also know that sometimes the community and the founders opinion can clash on some minor issues (meta, for a starter) so I'm here to get the general feeling on the ask and answer your own questions ...
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Writing documentation about a topic in Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to Sometimes I find I know a good method to do something (for example writing a clean and efficient function ...
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Are there statistics as to how the instant self-answer is being used?

A while ago the instant self-answer option was implemented, with the rationale that it would make the "blog" part of the mission statement diagram more...existant. Is there any data about how this ...
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Using Stack Exchange share solved practice problems with other students

Note: I was initially planning on posting this on Physics.SE, but it is likely relevent to multiple Stack Exchange Sites. Because of this, I will be using examples relevant to the specific case, which ...
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What is the best way to ask a question when I believe I already know the answer?

Sometimes I have a question as to whether I am doing something correctly. So I have a question, and I think I have an answer, so I'm more or less just looking for confirmation. An example might be: ...
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Question I know the answer of [duplicate]

I'm well aware of Can I answer my own questions, even if I knew the answer before asking?, nonetheless I was wondering whether is it appropriate to clearly specify what I'm doing, rather then ...
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How can experienced people post their knowledge and new research? [duplicate]

As Stack Overflow serves as a platform for users to ask and answer questions, it provides a huge platform for questions and answers on a wide range of topics in programming. Is there anyway through ...
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Giving a bad answer to my own question

I sometimes have a problem to solve and an idea on how to solve it, but my own solution seems far from optimal. Should I put my own solution into the question, because I'm looking for improvements on ...
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Why are self-answers to Q&A style questions only allowed to be accepted after 2 days? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow allows for a user to "answer your own question, Q&A style" (you can even tick a box that allows you to post the answer at the same time as the question), but you are not allowed to ...
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How to handle a "paradox" question?

Paradox is the best word I could think of to describe this question. The problem is that the only way this question can be asked is to hint the answer from within the question. But that's not a good ...
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Why isn't there a self answer option on the app?

On mobile, it's very accessible and easy to use, but I have one problem. There is no self-answer option when posting a question so I have to pre-write it and copy/paste it over or doing on the mobile ...
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Migrate question from chat to Stack Overflow / Programmers? [duplicate]

I recently searched for an answer to a programming question with Google. After the search did not turn up anything, I went to Stack Overflow chat and asked there, because it was more a question about ...
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Should I post a question with the answer I already know? [duplicate]

For example, I've have just solved some problem on my own. I believe my solution might be quite useful to others (and myself in the future), like a KB article. Should I post it as question and ...
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Double Javascript Alert when ticking Community Wiki for self answer [duplicate]

I discovered this yesterday when i was making a Meta post on Anime and Manga.SE and i just did a test on Stack Overflow.SE's Meta and right here (after remembering i forgot to report it). In Chrome ...
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Ask and answer question at Same Time [duplicate]

Is it possible to ask and answer to our question at same time ? In reading this : It's Ok. But at the same time? I ...
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Just a simple query! [duplicate]

I have a simple query: I have been working on some interesting jQuery stuff lately and I have created an interesting piece of code. And I wanted to post it in SO, so that if any OP have a similar ...
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Is there a preferred way how to post a question and the answer in one step? [duplicate]

Sometimes I have an issue, for which I can not find a solution/answer on your platform. Then later I find the solution/answer by my self. If I then think that this knowledge could help other ...
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More article style Q&A question format? [duplicate]

As you know, when you ask your question on Stack Exchange you can, then and there, answer it yourself as well. I had a major issue with iframes in iOS Safari. I found the solution, and my boss ...
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Answer your own question - share your knowledge gets downvotes

I recently noticed this option "Answer your own question". It says share your knowledge ! A little read here helped me understand that if you have a question that you already know the ...
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Should we encourage 'commentary' answers on self-answered posts?

When creating a self-answered, informative post, should we encourage & allow other answers that merely add commentary to the existing self answer? For example, this answer: https://stackoverflow....
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Best practices for moderating self-answered post that actually were not a question

Here's a self-answered question. I'm aware that while highly non-typical, self-answered questions are nevertheless acceptable. But in this particular case it looks like the answer was provided ...
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Can the answer of a Q&A be auto-accepted when both are posted at the same time?

Catija convinced me: dumb idea. Thanks for putting me straight! Original question: Yes, I'm aware of Jeff Atwood's original blog post from 2008 and the partial relent from 2009 and the other ...
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What are blogs for? What is your definition of points farming?

I had an argument with someone on super user, because he asked and answered his question within minutes here He said, it is perfectly fine to do so, here and here. Fine, I give up, he wins. Apparently,...
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Is time to remove "Answer your own question" option from question page?

The story behind this question is that a new user posted this question with a simultaneous answer. I posted a comment indicating that "answering own questions was extensively debated" and ...
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