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The largest Stack Exchange sites have a default view is a special mix of questions, selected using a complicated formula. This tag should be used for questions about that view/tab and/or the formula used to determine the questions which appear there.

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Stack Overflow - Home - Interesting tab: Showing almost no yellow card (interesting) questions [duplicate]

I am a web developer who is used to navigating the Interesting tab in the Home page of Stack Overflow to find fresh new questions that use the tags that I configured in my profile (JS, HTML, CSS, ...
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Has the algorithm for "Interesting" questions changed?

In the last couple of days I've noticed that the homepage (when logged in), with its default filter of "Interesting" has gone from being consistently 90% questions containing one or more of my Watched ...
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Active vs. Interesting questions

Why did you name the main question feed differently across the platform? On Meta Stack Exchange (and other randomly checked sites) the list of question is named active On Stack Overflow the list is ...
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How does Stack Overflow define interesting questions on the home page? [duplicate]

There is interesting questions tab on the home page. How does Stack Overflow define what is interesting to me?
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Question are not based on favorite tags

When browsing Stackexchange with a normal browser you get interesting questions by the favorite tags. Will this be available for the ios-app?
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Where can I find the "Interesting" tab? [duplicate]

When I clicked on the Questions button, it showed a new tab named interesting with a list of questions. But I then couldn't locate it again. Is it possible to get the list of interesting questions?
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Android app - can I see interesting questions?

On the website the default list of questions displays interesting tab (which I believe has questions based on my highest scoring tabs). That's very convenient and allows me to check new questions that ...
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Radical change of favourite tags doesn't reflect in questions list

I want to delve into a new technology, and am not so interested in answering questions in my regular tags any more. So I deleted all my old favourite tags, and created a set of new ones. However, the &...
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"Interesting Questions" page bug? [duplicate]

Look here - it's a list of new things that match my tags, so what is the 4k views, already answered and accepted question doing there? Is it a bug?
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Why isn't the "Interesting" tab available under the "Questions" page? [duplicate]

A while ago I ran into the Interesting tab, and wondered how come I was not aware of it before. After playing around a little, I realized that this tab is available only at the Home page which I did ...
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Replicate the Interesting tab in the Stack Exchange API

Stack Overflow has an "Interesting" tab. I would like to query the Stack Exchange API to get "Interesting" questions back just like in the website but the API has no way to do this. So I actually ...
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Why are 'old' questions interweaved with 'new' ones? [duplicate]

Here is a sample of what I've seen every so often for the last few days on Stack Overflow: As you can see, the first three questions were recent — 1 and 4 minutes ago (though slightly less when I ...
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Has there been a recent change in the "interesting" order? [duplicate]

I've noticed that a couple of questions, latest activity 1 and 2 hours ago, seem to be stuck near the top of my Interesting list. The tags I follow have a lot of activity so I'm unsure why these are ...
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Tags I haven't answered in a long time should no longer be interesting

The algorithm that generates the interesting top question tab should, over time, ignore topics I no longer answer. For example, in my case I used to do iOS development, but haven't since about iOS 3. ...
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Interesting questions appearing only once [duplicate]

When I login to Stack Overflow, in the Questions tab I see a tab for interesting questions. but it never appears when I go to another tabs and come back to the Questions tabs. Why is it so?
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SO cache going nuts? Or do I need a lot of sleep?

For nearly 5-6 hours now, I am not getting the usual sorted list of questions on SO's interesting questions page. Here are two screenshot(with awesome red-circles)(which are becoming more common in my ...
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Are questions with no answers, no votes and no views interesting?

Listening to the latest podcast, I followed the advice to get an incognito window and look at Stack Overflow as a brand new user: None of the questions have any votes, only one has an answer, and ...
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Editing a question doesn't pop it high in the question list anymore?

I'm wondering if this a new change in SO. This question of mine was asked 7 hours ago. I edited it twice now. Both the times I couldn't see it popped up in the SO question list. Previously whenever I ...
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Where is this tab "tab=interesting" actually present?

I kind of stumbled on the link: But could not find the link in the page, that has this url. Where is this link actually available at?
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Stack Overflow interesting questions implementation

According to the tooltip of the 'interesting' tab, interesting questions are "questions that may be of interest to you based on your history and tag preferences" Does Stack Overflow use a ...
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What are the criteria that make a question to be listed under "interesting" and "top questions"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How are “Hot” Questions Selected? What is the list of interesting questions on stack overflow? Please do not shoot and kill me if this is answered already at ...
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"Interesting" questions tab became irrelevant

After the recent SOF database migration (was it?), I noticed that the questions that pop up in the "interesting" tab have become very irrelevant. (if irrelevant is the right choice of words). Has it ...
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Interesting Questions for all MY Stack Exchange sites in one place

At the moment, I actively participate in Stack Overflow. I would like to be able to participate in others (Project Management for instance). I can do this but I have to watch two "Interesting" lists. ...
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Sort search results using interesting questions scoring algorithm

The start page with its list of interesting questions does a very good job in ordering questions. The custom searches, on the other hand, provide very flexible ways to select questions. I'd be happy ...
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Why do some recently asked questions not show up in the question list?

I asked this question, but within minutes, it was off the question list even though the question list went back an hour in time. Is this some form of moderation? If so, it seems weird that no ...
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Interesting tab shows "uninteresting" questions

The Interesting tab mostly shows questions tagged with my Favourite Tags. However, it also shows the odd question not tagged with one of my Favourites Tags. It seems very unintuitive behaviour to me;...
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Is it possible to filter out closed questions from the interesting list?

Is it possible to keep closed questions out of my interesting questions list?
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How I can switch to Interesting and hot tabs?

Yesterday I was working with StackOverflow and suddenly I noticed I have some tabs on my page that I've never seen before ("interesting","hot" ,...) but when I hit the questions link to see newest ...
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Questions I'd expect to show up in my Interesting category not showing

On Stack Overflow, my Interesting category seems pretty accurate but I've noticed a few discrepancies from what I would expect. For example, among my favorite tags is javascript, but I noticed when ...
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User setting for Tag Priority

While I have only 11 favorite tags, some of them get a lot of traffic, while some are more niche tags. I usually hang out on Stack Overflow in the Interesting page, but I've found that by time I see ...
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More questions like the ones in the Interesting tab

It could be just my perception, but I seem to find a lot more questions that I want to look at in the Interesting tab (on Stack Overflow) than I do by just browsing (despite the fact that I have many ...
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Why are most "interesting" SO questions not even remotely interesting to me?

My favorite tags are all SQL Server-related (sql-server, sql-server-2000, sql-server-2005, and so on). The "interesting" page, which is what shows up on SO when you click on the logo (which is also ...
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Question not showing in Interesting if they have a Fav and Ignored tag

So, I came across this, and I think it might be bugged or should work the other way around. Imagine I have in my Ignored tags android, but I have in my Favorite tags sqlite. If a question has both ...
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Closed and migrated questions not marked on interesting tab

When viewing the interesting tab on the homepage, [closed] and [migrated] marks no longer appear on closed and migrated questions. This used to work correctly until a few days ago. Also, deleted ...
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Adding the "Interesting" tab to the Questions Page

Clicking on the SO site logo in the top-left corner or browsing direct to navigates one to a page of questions that includes the "Interesting" questions tab - that is, a group of ...
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What is the list of interesting questions on stack overflow?

Pressing the main button (between the chat and about) at the top of the page, takes you to the list of interesting questions. So, how are these interesting questions different from other type of ...
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The interesting tab on other sites?

See Jeff Atwood - Stack Overflow Homepage Changes. This seems to work quite good, but it leaves me wondering... Would this behave well on other SE 2.0 sites? How can I get this to work on other SE 2....
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