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Questions tagged [internal-links]

Questions involving the automatic conversion of Stack Exchange URLs into question titles when included in a question or answer.

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Is there a reason not to enable replacing internal SE URL text on comments with the page linked to? [duplicate]

On Super User, I looked for a Linux proportional font terminal, and found OS X or X11 terminal emulator supporting proportional fonts, in which the accepted answer suggested a Mac port of Emacs, but ...
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MathOverflow links on Mathematics Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Sometimes on Mathematics Stack Exchange, I would like to reference a link from MathOverflow. It would be helpful if it got immediately turned into the title without having to type it and then include ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do we get a perma-link to a user profile which does not change when they change their profile name? [duplicate]

Suppose that a user of stackexchange changes their username from PurpleKiwi to FuchsiaCucumber How do we get a permanent link to their user-profile which is still valid after the name change?
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12 votes
3 answers

How can I stop the site from expanding an URL to the title of the post?

If there is a link to a Stack Exchange post from the same site, it is automatically expanded to the title. (Unless the post is deleted.) For example, renders ...
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At least apostrophes now do not always preview correctly when an internal link is used [closed]

Link to submitted post I searched and I do not think it was reported. When an internal link is used, at least (possibly other characters are impacted) apostrophes now do not* render properly in the ...
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Question URL with quotes displays the actual question title during the edit preview, but not when the edit is saved

The Space SE question What have astronauts used rolls of Kapton tape for? originally looks like this to me: Enclosing the URLs in quotes prevents the replacement of the URL with the actual question ...
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<s>links</s> are autocompleted on preview but not rendered when posted [duplicate]

Using question links conversion into links with titles, if you paste in a post, then it gets converted into a proper link to that question: Does <...
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Auto-rendering of links stops working after the fifth link ... or does it? [duplicate]

This question contains ten links to other posts on the Stack Exchange network. On Meta Stack Exchange, bare links like these are replaced by the question titles. However, on that particular post, it ...
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Answer links have become broken for multi-page questions [duplicate]

Answer links have become broken for multi-page questions. or should go to peterh's answer. However, it'...
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1 answer

If there are more than 200 internal links in a post, only the first 200 display question titles [duplicate]

When you post an answer with more then 200 internal links, only the first 200 are automatically converted to show question titles. All internal links after the first 200 just display the URL.
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Parsing post titles depends on site

Looks like question titles parsing from the address works fully only on MSE. The following links tested in preview mode via iOS app: - - https://...
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17 votes
0 answers

Either fix edit preview display to render bare links to more than five sites just like the post renderer, or convert all links

This is probably easier to show than tell... On the recent question Is asking for user stories off-topic on meta sites?, I see the following: As you can see, the first five links render properly, ...
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Replace internal links with question title in chat [duplicate]

When posting questions or answers, internal links are automatically converted into question titles. i.e. → Inconsistent support for /current Can the ...
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Internal links for Movies & TV not converted to title

In my answer to Where can I ask questions about TVs?, the internal links to questions on Movies & TV were not converted to question titles. The titles display properly in the markdown preview ...
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13 votes
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Enable internal link translation for all Stack Exchange communities

On Meta Stack Exchange, I can post a link to any question on the Stack Exchange network, and it will be automatically translated into the correct question title.
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3 votes
1 answer

SO link in answer doesn't auto-translate to title

When I'm writing an answer in Stack Overflow, and I want to refer to another SO question, I can usually just past the URL into the answer, and it will be displayed as the title. But sometimes this ...
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Automatically detect the title of question from link in chat

We know the SE has a useful feature of automatically showing the title of question when a link of question is written in the body of question. For example: ...
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Internal link wasn't translated to title

In my question "your post was converted to a comment" has link to "deleted" page the link to page What does "your post was converted to a comment" mean? wasn't ...
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4 votes
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Render question title on internal link in comment [duplicate]

EDIT: totally agree with the duplicate. Sorry for taking your time: I did search for 10 minutes before posting this. Cheers. When I link to another question from a question or answer, the rendered ...
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27 votes
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Parse question links from other SE sites

In a SE site, if you put the link to a question, the link is parsed into the question's title. For example, produces Is the loading icon copyrighted by ...
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Automatic titles for SO links in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Replace links with the current question title in comments When I paste a link to an SO question into a comment, the resulting link title doesn't automatically change to the ...
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2 answers

What limitations does converting question links to links with titles have?

On this question there are more than 50 links to Stack Overflow questions. However, the last 6 links aren't converted to titles (
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13 votes
2 answers

Userscript to auto-replace SOFU links in comments? [closed]

SOFU links pasted into questions get automatically replaced by the question title. This has been this way for some time now, and it's great. However, it is missing from comments. This is very ...
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4 answers

Replace links with the current question title in comments

In questions, links get converted into question titles (see Replace trilogy raw links with the current question title?) Can the same functionality be added to comments?
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Allow low-rep users to post more than one internal link [duplicate]

As a new user on all three sites in the trilogy I am trying to write good questions but find one feature frustrating. I was in a situation where I was posting a question on Super User and wanted to ...
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