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Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) related specifically to Internet Explorer 10.

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Should we stop supporting Internet Explorer 10?

As of January 12, 2016, Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported on consumer versions of Windows (with Windows 7 users updating to IE11, and Windows 8 users upgrading to 8.1 which includes IE11). ...
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Stackoverflow events notifications does not work (or work weird) in IE10 (Windows 7)

Actually, besides of actually the question itself, I've got also a question whether should I post such things in here or there is some other specific place for it. The problem: When I use ...
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bug in error messages in IE 10 [closed]

While using Internet Explorer 10, I am having problems MOST OF THE TIME when creating a new question, editing a question, or checking a question for the correct answer when there is a validation error....
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Comment hint not disappearing when I start to type comment

If I click "add comment", the comment hint (placeholder; "Request clarification or add information.") is not a hint, but editable text. If I delete the text and click outside of the comment then the ...
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Cannot log in to Stack Overflow with IE10 [duplicate]

I originally tried to update the issue that is described here, which I'm also having. Unfortunately that edit got rejected, so I guess I have to write my own question. When I try to log in to Stack ...
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Profile Reputation Graph Bug in IE 10

As the title says, there seems to be a bug in the profile reputation graph. This is in regards to the lower of the two graphs, and happens in IE 10. The bug is that I am unable to change the range ...
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Spacebar doesn't fill in tags as you type in IE10

Normally when I type in some tags for my question, hitting space will validate the tag I just typed and add it to the list. In IE10, this no longer happens, and I have to press Tab, optionally ...
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StackExchange Bugs in IE10 on Windows 8

Multiple bugs on SE sites for IE10 on Windows 8: Unable to upvote or downvote Unable to edit a question Asking a question without a title generates a validation error: title required. After ...
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Stack Overflow Bugged in Internet Explorer 10 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: After improved a suggested-edit, you are redirected to the question, not back to review tasks I'm running into some pretty nasty site-breaking issues with Internet Explorer 10 ...
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Code blocks don't show leading spaces in IE 9 (and 10)

Why doesn't a code block preserve whitespace in this PowerShell script? In the editor (using 4 spaces for the code block, and more spaces to indent) this looks like: But I am not seeing any ...
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Unable to see chat box on IE10 in Metro mode on Windows 8, whilst a file download is underway

If you're downloading a file in IE10, in metro mode; it completely covers where the chat box would show, which makes it rather difficult to use.
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