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Internet Explorer 7 is now explicitly unsupported by Stack Exchange. Bugs related to this browser will not be fixed.

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Missing indentation for source code on IE7

The source code displays for are not being displayed with any indentation when viewed with IE 7. Cut-and-paste to a text editor works okay, adding the necessary spaces for ...
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Error while flagging : Your message must be longer than 10 characters

I am trying to merge my Stack Overflow account with my other account (unregistered) But when I am trying to ...
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Internet Explorer 7 CSS bug (Favorite Tags) - [closed]

Favorite tags seem to be split (screenshot below). To reproduce: Log in Click on Questions tab Scroll down to the Favorite Tags section (right pane)
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Manually entering <pre> tag in answer edit box yields script error in IE 7

It occurs to me that I don't know whether you intend to support IE 7. But anyway, since FF is giving me problems today for unknown reasons, I am using IE 7. My code blocks were showing an extra ...
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Word wrap problem in answers on IE 7

Similar to this earlier reported word wrap bug in titles: I have now seen what might be the same problems in some ...
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Problems logging in from my Windows Phone 7 device

For the past few days it doesn't seem possible anymore to login to Stack Overflow (or any other variant) from my Windows Phone 7 device. When I go to the login page it only shows me the recover your ...
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Problems with IE7

I've had a few issues using the site from IE7 today (I can't update the browser, although I do have access to another one indirectly which I'm posting this from), which have recently gotten worse (I ...
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Why does the 'Home' key, to scroll to the top, only work on meta.stackoverflow? [closed]

When I am on Meta, I can push the HOME button on my keyboard (like on other sites) to go to the top of the page. However, when on any other site on Stack Exchange, this is not possible unless you ...
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PgDn not working in IE7 after clicking on a question due to some focus issue

I usually squizz through SO by opening the frontpage, then right-clicking on the questions I find interesting or want to help answering and open them in a new tab. When I open SO in IE7 and do as ...
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No way to upvote/flag a comment anymore?

I suddenly noticed that today the upvote icon and the flag icon disappeared from all comments on stackoverflow. I looked at the HTML, they seemed to be there, but my IE7 (running on XP SP3) won't ...
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Pasting text into input boxes behaves incorrectly

On the "Ask Question" page, the Title input box initially contains "What's your programming question? Be descriptive." in grey text. Typing text erases the prompt and displays what you type in black ...
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