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Questions tagged [internet-explorer]

Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) in Internet Explorer. NOTE: formal support has been dropped so this tag largely exists for historical purposes.

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0 answers

Top bar position problem in Internet Explorer

The top bar seem to behave strangely on Internet Explorer 11. I got that display; While on Firefox it look good; In case it help to diagnose, it's from a Windows 10 laptop with a 1366 x 766 ...
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Stack Exchange adds trailing # to URLs

When going to a Stack Exchange user profile (, and you click All Sites, it leads to I see a trailing # in the URL. So, ...
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The "delete" feature isn't working on my account on IE and Firefox browsers

The How do I delete my account faq points out that this link: is available to folk who haven't asked a question and who have at most one contribution. As you can see, I have the link, and when I ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Bug when editing comments

When I add a comment and after that I edit it, the cursor goes to the upper left corner of the first comment and the page is not longer usable: I am using Internet Explorer. The same problem I can ...
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Review buttons `Close' etc do not work with IE8 - workaround

I reported this by email to [email protected], and they referred me back here. I am using IE8, which though no longer supported should, according to [email protected] still work wrt the ...
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Cannot upload images from web links in Internet Explorer 11; buttons cut off

In Internet Explorer 11, with the new image upload UI, it's not possible for users to upload images from web links. There is a known focus bug where one has to click in the white space outside the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Unable to log into Stack Exchange using Google account on Windows Phone

I tried to login into through my Google account, but I was unable to do so. When I clicked the "Log in using Google" option, nothing happened and I remained on the same ...
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2 votes
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Site trouble running IE11

I am not sure if this meta is the right place for a software concern but the FAQ's said that bug reports can go here. I often visit using IE 11 (on a Surface running Windows 8.1). In IE, I can't ...
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Profile Reputation Graph Bug in IE 10

As the title says, there seems to be a bug in the profile reputation graph. This is in regards to the lower of the two graphs, and happens in IE 10. The bug is that I am unable to change the range ...
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Bug navigating question/answer list in profile returns to page 1

When viewing the list of questions (or answers) in my profile, I click a question (or answer) to read. When I want to go back to the list, I navigate "back". This returns me to the first page of the ...
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A certain meta page does not open right in IE

Try to open this page in IE (8 and 9 have been tested) [works fine in compat mode] Null bytes accepted as part of text (not really) Only the title seems to load. Is it because of my RTL characters? ...
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