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Stack Exchange network sites’ IP addresses may change in the coming weeks

From time to time, Stack Exchange makes improvements to our network infrastructure. One change we're making in the coming weeks will include new IP addresses for most, if not all, of our public Stack ...
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Should I avoid coworkers on Stack Exchange sites?

At work we are a few programmers behind one static public IP address. I have introduced a coworker to Stack Overflow (SO) and of course another one uses SO regularly. Although we don't have much ...
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Is it time to stop taking restrictive actions based on the user's IPv4 address?

In 2012, this question was asked requesting to stop banning by IP address. (This was the only question I could find directly related to this issue on Meta.) I'd like to revisit basically the same ...
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Bypassing the rate limiting from multiple users at the same IP address

At school I am constantly getting the "You can only post once every 90 minutes" message, even if I have never posted before. After a bit of research I found out that this was not actually my account, ...
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Is it OK if I place a bounty on the post of a friend/relative?

Related: What is the procedure for having my spouse/significant other as a member of the same SE site? There's a friend of mine, who I share an IP with (university proxy). He's asked a question on ...
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What can be done about an incorrect "you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period" block?

I just attempted to ask my first question ever on Stack Overflow, but the system told me Sorry, you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period What can I do about this? EDIT from ...
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Don't block us for running IP xrefs!

Whenever one uses the IP xref tool, one request per IP is made to the server. This means, whenever investigating a user with too many IPs, I hit the ratelimit. This means two things: I get ...
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Is my public IP banned from Stack Overflow?

At home, I cannot access or at all; my browser gets a The connection has timed out error. All other Stack Exchange sites are fine. Accessing them from work is ...
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Accessing Stack Exchange API behind a firewall - are there IP address ranges to whitelist?

Scenario I am calling Stack Exchange APIs to collect Stack Overflow Teams data for my organization. In order to call these APIs from the server where I would like to run it, I must first request ...
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Seen from IP is reporting that users are from Cloudflare's network

This is similar to The seen from IP address logging seems to be broken In the linked question, I had mentioned The "seen from" IP address, which logs the last IP user has been seen at seems to be ...
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How many days does an IP address ban last?

I read How long do the IP bans last? but no one provided the number of days in their answers. How many days does an IP address ban last?
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How long do IP bans on IP pools last?

I am using an LTE dongle for internet connections. Yesterday after some reconnections I couldn't reach any SE sites. I checked with Tor and could connect. It appeared that I got some IP address that ...
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The seen from IP address logging seems to be broken

The "seen from" IP address, which logs the last IP user has been seen at seems to be broken; seems to be showing many users for the IP address of ( Example: https:/...
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Getting 403 Forbidden when I try to access SO, Meta and SU

I've had an account with Stack Overflow for about seven months and was able to access my account from work without any difficulty until two weeks ago. At first, Firefox started to load blank pages (...
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Is a classification by unique IP still relevant?

This sounds to me a bit as if users were classified into professionals (having their own fixed IP) and private users. Perhaps my view is locale specific. Here in Germany, most private Internet ...
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Cannot view Stack Overflow on my iPad 2?

I cannot view Stack Overflow on my iPad 2. I keep on getting the error: We're sorry... This IP is only allowed to access our API. To protect our users, we can't process requests from this IP address. ...
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What do you mean by Unique IP Address?

Publicist Badge : The definition says that it is awarded once the question's link is accessed from 1000 unique IP addresses. So the question, What is unique IP address ? Say for example If my ...
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Don't ban based on IP address

According to this answer, automatic bans are at a lower level than the account, i.e. bans are based on IP address. There are two problems with this: There are many people who share IP addresses that ...
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Can other users see your IP Address? [duplicate]

I am wondering if it is possible for other users to see your IP Address, or to see the IP of the person that submitted the post.
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