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Questions tagged [ip-ban]

For questions about the IP ban imposed when too many requests are sent to the server from the same IP address.

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What does this mean? "If you attempt to circumvent these restrictions, you...put the use of the site by your co-workers in serious jeopardy. "

In the Help Center, under 'Why have I been limited to one question per week?', there's a section: 'Can I request that this block be lifted, or to allow more questions per week?'. The second half of it ...
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Can you be IP address-banned from registering?

Sometimes when I tried to use Tor for privacy to sign up, I would get a message along the lines of You cannot register at this time. If this error persists contact us. Given that this error can ...
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The 'You cannot post due to spam and abuse' message should appear when I click 'Ask question' instead of 'Post your question' [duplicate]

I use Tor for anonymity and I often see the Your post could not be submitted at this time due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network message, because apparently some malicious ...
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10 votes
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Blocked from editing, but I only found it out *after* trying to submit the edit

Upon trying to submit an edit, I got a red message box saying Your post cannot be submitted at this time due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network. We apologize for any ...
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Should I be worried about how fast I use the site?

Yesterday I wanted to find an old comment of mine (with information relevant to a post I was composing), so I opened my All actions/comments profile page, and Ctrl+F'ed my way through the pages. I ...
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How are persistently disruptive users who continually create new accounts dealt with?

A certain user has been repeatedly evading site quality controls by creating many new accounts to avoid question bans and suspensions. For more background, see the following Meta posts that have been ...
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Will the "Too many requests" ban last longer next time you receive it? [duplicate]

I just got the "Too many requests" ban on Stack Exchange, which lasts about 5 minutes. I'm still trying to avoid the ban again, but I do still worry the next time I receive the ban, it would last a ...
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Got "too many requests" three times in past few hours

I've had three IP bans on Stack Overflow in the past few hours: We have detected too many requests from this IP. If this is an error contact us. Doing nothing wrong. Is there some sort of new ...
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How many days does an IP address ban last?

I read How long do the IP bans last? but no one provided the number of days in their answers. How many days does an IP address ban last?
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How can I regain access to the network if my IP address is banned due to be a part of a botnet?

when I sent an email to the team, they replied: We're sorry that you got caught up in this. Your IP address is being blocked by our system because it is likely that your computer is participating in ...
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BlogOverflow just blocked me for less than 10 page views as "too many requests from this IP address"

I realize nobody reads it so it's "unusual" but come on guys I didn't even click 20 links! Granted, I only went to click those links because I spotted a bug with text and image formatting, ...
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IP Banned on Stack Exchange

I am a regular Stack Overflow user who does not spam, usually posts OK questions etc. However, for two weeks now my IP appears to be banned from any Stack website. I can easily get to the site via ...
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49 votes
4 answers

Users should be able to delete their own marginal questions and answers without risking an IP address ban

Yesterday, a user was temporarily IP address banned because they deleted a couple of their own questions that didn't get upvotes. Isn't that a little ass-backwards? Shouldn't we be encouraging users ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Why is Amazon AWS blocked?

I've been doing my browsing through a VPN hosted on Amazon. (Due to increased governmental and recording industry snooping, I'm working on alternatives to traceable IP addresses. I'm not actually ...
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Why is my crawler banned by Stack Overflow?

My website follows robots.txt, and only has at most one connection to a host at one time. It never fetches a page more than once an hour. Well within reason (I hope), so I'm wondering why I'm banned ...
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5 votes
2 answers

My IP address is being blocked when accessing the trilogy sites

I have been using Stack Overflow and mostly Server Fault now for a while. Just yesterday when I go to any of the websites (,,, and
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