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Joel Spolsky's profile description is Co-founder & CEO. Should it be updated?

In the blog authors page, the description of the Joel Spolsky's profile is Co-founder & CEO. On October 1st, 2019, Prashanth Chandrasekar joined as New CEO. Is it required to update Joel Spolsky'...
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Does the Stack Exchange owner have a user account?

Just a curious question, does he/she actually use this site or any of the sub topic sites? If so, where is his/her account?
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Did Stack Overflow get designed by Jeff and Joel?

Was Stack Overflow designed by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in the first place? (In 2008) I am talking about graphical and functional design.
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Joel to quit the podcast? [closed]

A few weeks ago Joel mentioned that he would quit blogging on the ten-year anniversary of Joel on Software. However, it appears that he's going farther than that; the following appears in Joel's ...
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When did Joel Spolsky Talk About Approving Some Features for Managers [closed]

I really tried to search his articles and the podcast transcripts but I can't come up with the right keyword combination. I'm looking for the quote when Joel says something about some report feature ...
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What study did Joel Spolsky quote in his DevDays user interaction talk? [closed]

... the study that measured samples on offer, customer interest and the amount ultimately purchased. For reference, this is one of the data slides he took from the study: I'd love to read the study ...
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Should there be a "Joel Spolsky" mentions badge?

Should there be a badge for N instances of on-topic mentioning of Joel's name (SO, JoS, FogCreek, Joel's software, EBS, all count)? I personally think such a tag would be Way Cool. I'm not entirely ...
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