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For questions about JSON when it is used by a Stack Exchange system (e.g. the API). General JSON questions are off-topic.

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Almost none of the JSON in the blog about JSON is JSON

The blog published an article called A beginner’s guide to JSON, the data format for the internet in which it talks about the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) serialisation format. It shows examples ...
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Why does SE track post referrers?

I exported my SE data, and in /qa/[site]\PostReferralsInbound.json there are entries like {"postId":1732454,"ipAddress":"...","creationDate":"2021-05-09T21:...
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Get answers in JSON for a given Stack Exchange article

We are trying to figure out how to get the answers for a given question ID in JSON or XML instead of HTML - so far for a URL like this:
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What happened to the Data Explorer Input Fields?

I just tried one of my queries in Data Explorer, and noticed the input fields were missing. Here's a screencap: The following error message was returned in the JSON response: {"error":"Missing value ...
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I get a JavaScript error when attempting to post a question on Stack Overflow, using IE8

I am unable to post questions on Stack Overflow. I am using IE8. Is that a supported browser? As far as I can remember I was able to post questions earlier. Here's the JavaScript error: "JSON is ...
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Answers marked as read after reading inbox v.s. after reading answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we get an option to stop the global inbox from marking everything as read? When reading inbox programmatically using the json feed (
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Why has the JSON flair changed?

My reputation tracker used to include the flair HTML to show badges etc... but that seems to have gone away. Going to my flair json link now, I'm getting back: {"id":22656, "gravatarHtml":{}, "...
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How is the image upload done on SO?

I know that provides the service to SO... But from the imgur API, the return from the POST is a JSON, so I guess the API URL ( can't be written to the ACTION field ...
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Can the flair API's JSON feed not be affected by the April Fools'?

While I have no problems with the site changing everyone's avatar with Unicorns, doing the same with the Flair API's has consequences extending outside Stack Overflow which has hit me hard today. Is ...
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Usernames ending in "json" cause trouble

When you visit a user's profile page, the actual username in the URL isn't supposed to matter. For example, all these URLs go to the same place: https://...
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Fix Sorting for API-JSON Values [closed]

If I want to see my 5 most recent answers in HTML, I can do so by visiting: If I want to ...
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Flair JSON returns invalid IMG tag in gravatarHtml

Someone pointed out to me recently that my website doesn't validate. It seems the error is coming from the fact that the JSON returned for StackOverflow flair contains an invalid IMG tag in ...
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JSON for Questions

Could we get JSON for Questions? 0. Question ID 44965 1. Question Title What is a monad? 2. Author ID 3394 3. Last Edited Author ID 1122 ...
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