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For questions dealing with content in foreign languages.

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German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch and 1 heading in English

The German localisation of contains 2 paragraphs in Dutch and 1 heading in English: First reported by @Bergi in this comment: Upcoming privacy updates: ...
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The correct use of chat rooms, for new users (improve visibility and description)

This publication is not related to the chat rooms created or derived from the comments on question and/or answer posts. Maybe this question is bad for old users who already know how to use the ...
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Do it already, Stack Overflow in Ukrainian (uaSO)! [duplicate]

Do it already, uaSO!, it's already unrealistic for Ukrainian programmers to be in Stack Overflow in Russian. As Ukrainian developers, we actively utilize the Russian-speaking Stack Overflow and ...
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SE is showing 2 messages about bookmark/save in Russian (На потом and Все закладки) [duplicate]

SE is showing 2 messages in Russian. Example from Money SE (grey boxes added for privacy): Same issue without dark mode, on DS SE: I'm located in the US, so there's no reason to localize to Russian. ...
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Why are my privileges returned to me in Russian? [duplicate]

I noticed I received a new privilege. However, this was the notification I got: You've earned the "Vote down" privilege! Узнайте больше об этом в Справке. Why is the message in Russian?
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Portuguese question in the Hot Network Questions

There is a filter to exclude non-English questions from the Hot Network Questions list. I'm not sure if the criteria for a question being English are still the same as in this eleven year old answer ...
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How can I suppress notifications from non-English sites? [duplicate]

I have a "lisp" filter and I regularly get notifications from non-English SE sites (Russian, Portuguese, etc.) about Lisp-related questions. I do not want to limit my filter to specific ...
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2 answers

Wrong language in recent achievements

The "Achievements" menu on Skeptics shows me Russian text near my achievements: The Russian text is: Узнайте больше об этом в Справке Which means: Learn more about it in Help. I have ...
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3 answers

Is it allowed to have non-English text in the "About" section of the user profile page?

Are profile pages (about section) required to be written in English? For example, this Stack Overflow profile that I found is entirely in Italian. Stack Overflow is an English-only site, and that ...
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Determine if a bug reported on a foreign language Stack Exchange site is already reported on Meta.SE

I created a post on Stack Overflow en Español and no one has given me an answer; it appears it is a bug that they cannot solve... In chat they suggested I come to Meta.SE and post it, and I came ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Does Cyrillic copy/pasted from a Wikipedia definition kill proper display of hyperlinks in comments, but not in posts?

I tried to quote Wikipedia in a comment: For space-word-deficient folks like myself Zarya (Russian: Заря́, lit. 'Dawn'[b]), also known as the Functional Cargo Block or FGB (from the Russian: "...
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What is the best way to contribute to bringing Stack Exchange (especially AI, but everything code) to other languages? [duplicate]

I'm active in AI governance and actually in a lecture recently Luisa Olaya was talking about the barriers to using AI in the developing world, and what a problem it was that there aren't tools to help ...
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Why isn't it possible to launch a non-English SE site? [duplicate]

I'd like to launch a site in French:, but my proposal got blocked by a rule I wasn't aware of (since there exist foreign ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there an option to change the language from Spanish to English?

I'm searching for an answer on Stack Overflow. I found the following the website: Attempt to invoke interface method 'int java.util.List.size()' on a null object reference Is there an option ...
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Vietnamese to English translation issue [closed]

Recently, this question was posted on Writing.SE in Vietnamese. The little Google Translate pop-up box: gave me an option to translate the page to English, which I did. I could then read the question ...
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Hat Name is not in English

My default language in Stack Overflow is English and all other hat names are in English but this one is not: I am suspecting it is a language error because of the dots above the "u" and &...
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Why would this answer show up in my inbox in Spanish, despite appearing in English?

Please look at the screen shot. Why is the English answer shown in Spanish in my inbox? I’m an English speaker in the USA (although I know a fair bit of Spanish). The person who provided the helpful ...
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Search users whose name contains Chinese characters

Goal To search users whose user name contains Chinese characters. Bug In the above screenshot, three user names start with the simplified Chinese character '陈'. I tried to search them with the input ...
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Accept all languages to be able to ask in language-related SE sites

English is the accepted language in all language-related SE sites. In each language-related SE site, its own language scope is the preferred one (for example Spanish in Spanish SE site, French in ...
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-5 votes
2 answers

Cross-language site use and suspensions

Imagine that a user was currently suspended on the Stack Overflow site in one language (currently English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, as far as I'm aware). Should they be allowed to ...
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1 answer

I've been getting grammar corrections rejected - resulting in a ban, while in the past every single one was always accepted. Review system broken? [closed]

I've so far been very impressed with Stack Overflow's unique review system, which has been a marked improvement on most any other. Yet, I got banned for reviewing... What I think happened was that non-...
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How do I limit questions in Stack Exchange's realtime view to languages I understand (such as English)? [closed]

There is a stream of realtime questions on This stream is showing questions from all sites in the network, as they're posted or updated. I'd like to filter out questions that are ...
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Something is wrong with the search function when dealing with Devanagari letters

I wanted to locate this answer of mine and I remember that I have cited a Sanskrit verse "द्वा सुपर्णा...." (see the first quote in the answer) and hence I entered that string in search bar ...
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Language detection for posts

Most sites in the network have a specific set of languages that you are allowed to use in posts. For example, on Stack Overflow and most other sites, all posts must be in English. On German, all posts ...
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Where can I ask about languages that don't have a dedicated site? [duplicate]

As an avid fan of folk, metal and especially folk metal, I encounter many foreign languages and dialects on a daily basis. As I would like to understand what I'm hearing to the best of my ability as ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Is there any policy reason why language sites have badges named in English?

I notice that the language sites which I have looked at all seem to have their tags translated into the relevant language but the badge names are not. However the international Stack Overflow sites ...
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Can we have a single SO/SE for all languages, to have large community/data, to answer/identify questions, to attain any desired conformations?

Related: Can we allow posts in any language, and auto translate them, or allow users to translate them, or leave them in original language, in ...
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What progress has been made so far in implementing support for gender diversity in SE's foreign language sites? [closed]

When the new CoC was unveiled, foreign language sites were given an indefinite extension for implementation. We could wait for a protocol to be handed down from above ... or we could start ...
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2 answers

Are there official translations of the phrase "Stack Exchange" into languages other than English?

I was thinking of how to say "Stack Exchange" in Chinese, but realized the same question could apply to any language. And given that several Stack Exchange sites are not in English, there may be an ...
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37 votes
2 answers

Does Stack Exchange insist on a special language for posts? Please describe

Reading a bit about recent Monica Cellio related posts, I am afraid that I may be using a language that is a lot like English, but might not be the Stack-Exchange-approved version of English. For ...
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1 answer

What is the best Stack Exchange site to find translations from one language to another?

What is the best Stack Exchange site for translations? I need it to be from Hebrew to English; I have a term from the math world I need to translate and I couldn't find the translation in any ...
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-20 votes
2 answers

Combinining all language related sites into one

There are a quite a few language learning related sites on the Stack Exchange network. I may have missed a few, but here they are: ...
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3 answers

Is cross-posting the same question in different languages allowed?

I saw the question Is cross-posting permitted and I am wondering: What's the deal with multiple languages? For example asking something on the the German TeXWelt (of course written in German) and on ...
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3 answers

Non-English meta and Area 51

Not speaking English should not be a reason for your concerns not being taken into account. We are probably losing a great deal of knowledge and ideas due to the language barrier. I know there are ...
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1 answer

Allow bilingual tags

TL;DR: On Esperanto SE: tag names in Esperanto (optionally with synonyms in English) are sub-optimal for Esperanto SE users who don't (yet) know Esperanto well tag names in English (optionally with ...
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Stack Exchange site for Arabic language questions? [duplicate]

I am searching for a Stack Exchange site where I can put my question related to the Arabic language. I tried putting my question on Linguistics Stack Exchange, and it got comments that my question ...
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3 answers

Profanity on the main page

On linguistic sites, for example on Русский язык, it is rather appropriate to discuss obscene vocabulary. We on rus.SE use a special tag to indicate this kind of stuff (in order to allow some people ...
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Japanese SO question appears in HNQ [duplicate]

Well, it looks like it's that time of the year again! This post appears in HNQ. It probably shouldn't, for reasons discussed previously. Related: HNQ has been hacked by the Russians, Should "...
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How should we deal with flags for chat messages for rooms that are in a different language? [duplicate]

I've posted an answer touching on this before at Let me opt out of viewing chat flags: Here's the problem: I am mostly in The Bridge, the gaming chat. I see chat flags from the Russian, Chinese, ...
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1 answer

Should "is this offensive?" chat flags about non-English messages be sent to language-speakers somehow?

I don't speak Russian, and probably many users don't. Should there be some way to send flagged messages in chat that need to be reviewed and aren't in English preferentially to users who are more ...
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1 answer

Answering questions that are asked in a language I don't know

I have a filter feed set up that automatically shows me all the questions tagged with [clojure] across the entire network. Occasionally (as is the case now), a Clojure question will appear that was ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Flagging a question in a different language

I spend a lot of time in the Triage. More and more I am seeing questions that are in a different language, I have been flagging these questions as "off topic/unclear what you are asking" and leaving a ...
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1 answer

Editing a post by translating it

Suppose that there is this question in English posted in the Spanish Stack Overflow. Or a question in Spanish posted in the English Stack Overflow. Is it allowed to edit this question by translating ...
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3 answers

Review audit questions in a foreign language need a translated version so we can easily see if they are SPAM, migratable, or should simply be deleted

During review audits sometimes questions are written in a foreign language and determining what would be the fairest outcome for the person requires the auditor to either be fluent in a foreign ...
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1 answer

2 language site ability

I am a native English speaker, but have learned Russian (and Spanish) well enough to converse in-person, read, do basic writing, and read Stack Overflow na russkom. When I am logged into my account in ...
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Android app bug: A Spanish question shows up on my feed

I don't speak Spanish, therefore I shouldn't see non-English questions unless I explicitly chose to. A question from es.SO shows up on my feed, the third one in the image below. There should be a ...
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2 answers

Language support about comments

This happens mostly on SO. From time to time, there are random (new) users posting random stuff that's not English. Those posts are often good candidates of the NAA flag. In case one of such post is ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Let's make the automatic removal of salutations language specific!

Saludos. ^^^ as you see, I just said hello in Spanish and nothing happened, despite "Saludos" means "greetings" in Spanish. In Spanish Stack Exchange we noticed that a post cannot start with ...
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Could we get help with special character input for the foreign language sites?

I participate heavily in French Language & Usage, and have used many other foreign language sites on SE, and I personally don't like using the International Keyboard option Windows has because it'...
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33 votes
2 answers

Why is there no French Stack Overflow?

There is the main English Stack Overflow. There is a Spanish Stack Overflow. There is a Portuguese Stack Overflow. There is a Japanese Stack Overflow. There is a Russian Stack Overflow. Why is there ...
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