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For questions about the left navigation bar which was introduced in mid-2018 as part of overall responsive design.

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Hide Left nav everywhere with a global preference

We have rolled out a change to make the "Hide left navigation" preference global. This means that changing the preference on any site will change it for all sites. We will also be making the "enable ...
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Left nav is now sticky

We've updated the left nav so that it is now sticky. We are planning to add this ability to scroll the left nav independently, but that will be added later since it shouldn't be needed by anyone ...
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Why do we have two sidebar columns instead of combining them into one?

I know that SE is committed to both left nav and responsive design, and I'm not trying to disrupt that. The main reason the new design isn't working well for me is that the new left nav combines with ...
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Suggestion for improvement in site look - sidebar

The current evolution of the site look has created a sidebar that is mostly empty space (screenshots from Super User): It seems to me that it would be useful to transfer more information to the ...
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Part of Q icon in leftnav disappeared on mouse hover

When you hover a Question item on left-nav by mouse the bottom left corner of the icon disappears: Animation below (tested on Windows 11 Google Chrome):
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Making the left navigation more useful

This post is not about the left navigation bar being annoying or something to disable. Unfortunately we do not seem to have a post about suggestions to make the left navigation more useful now that ...
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What is reason to forcibly disable left nav on some pages?

I noticed that on some pages, like: Asking a new question Any page related to review queues left navigation is forcibly hidden despite an option in profile settings: What is the reason for such ...
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Almost missed the left navigation options

Almost missed the navigation links on the left. Have to make them more clear. OS is :- Linux Debojyoti 4.4.0-119-generic #143~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 2 18:04:36 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/...
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Questions overlapping with left nav after clicking on "n question(s) with new activity"

I noticed this on Meta Stack Exchange in particular and it started happening a couple of hours ago: After clicking on "n question(s) with new activity", the questions overlap with the left ...
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Re-enabling left navigation doesn't work

When the new sidebar appeared, I've quickly hidden it. However, I wanted to replicate a bug report on Meta Stack Overflow, so wanted to re-enable it. My steps: This bug occurs on MSO and SO. It ...
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Add a "back to top" link

The left-nav is great - I like it, users who don't can disable it. Perfect world. Now it's stickied it's always there too, which is really useful. When I'm navigating in areas not directly linked to ...
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Hiding your left sidebar leaves some left

The user profile setting to hide the left sidebar doesn't completely hide it: Settings: "Hide left navigation - When you flip this switch, the left navigation will no longer be pinned to the ...
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Left navigation is always hidden on the code of conduct page

I've set my preferences to have the left navigation always visible by unchecking the following checkbox: This setting seems to work fine on all pages except the Code of Conduct page. The Code of ...
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