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Questions about the legal aspects of Stack Exchange sites, such as the terms of service, using content and/or code-snippets, attribution, copyrights, patents, using trademarks, etc. General legal questions are OFF-TOPIC but may be asked on Law Stack Exchange.

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Moderator legal liability

I've scanned the privacy policy, terms of service, and moderator agreement and, so far as I can tell, moderators are fully and completely liable for any and every action they take in the process of ...
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Can an anonymous user opt out of arbitration?

The new terms of service announced recently include an arbitration clause. The new terms specify that one can opt out of arbitration by sending a letter including their name and their mailing address ...
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Terms of Service - Internationalization

IMHO Nothing worth reading should be read translated, but Stack Exchange is being internationalized (this is not real news). Because I am unable to read and clearly understand the terms of service, I ...
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Why was the Ubuntu Code of Conduct clause removed from the Ask Ubuntu terms of service?

Looking back at the old Terms of Service, I noticed they used to contain a special paragraph about Ask Ubuntu. When accessing the,, or sites ("...
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We’re Updating The GDPR-Related Sections Of Our Legal Portal

We’re doing a bit of an overhaul in our legal portal when it comes to how we organize our GDPR-related pages and information. There’s no change in what we collect or how we use it. Our goal is to make ...
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Child protection: adding recognition filters to block obvious offensive content related to pornography

We've had yet another unsuitable post on Worldbuilding. The title was innocent enough: I'm think of making steam punk/fansty hybrid do you have any suggestions The body of the question contained ...
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Does Amazon Alexa use Stack Exchange content, and if so, is it done legally?

According to the Stack Exchange content license (CC-BY-SA), uses of content on Stack Exchange sites must be properly attributed. However, I have noticed Amazon Alexa (accessed using an Echo device) ...
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Why are there separate copies of the Terms of Service per site, if the link in each site just goes to Stack Overflow's version?

I noticed that each site in the network has its own copy of the Terms of Service, e.g.,, https://...
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What licence is subscriber content provided under 4.0, 3.0 or them all?

In the footer it says: site design / logo © 2018 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required. rev 2018.8.7.31273 However, in the footer under ...
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Honour the Do Not Track header

2011-10-26: waffles's answer to Do Not Track header: We do not do anything special for the proposed spec. There is no requirement anywhere that we implement anything. A bill may be passed in congress ...
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Make it clear that you need to have the right to license any pictures under CC BY-SA

tl;dr: Right now we're not allowed to upload any images we don't own (fair use does not apply on this site, see the link). Let's make this a bit clearer in the image upload form. When you try to ...
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How does the 72 hour limit mentioned in the AUP affect suspensions?

I just came across the Acceptable Usage Policy There's a bit in there that goes If you are found to be in violation of any of the below policies, you will receive a notice via email. Unless you ...
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Who is responsible for DMCA takedown counterclaims on authorless / disassociated / CW posts?

The TOS states that users are responsible for filing DMCA takedown counterclaims, and gives guidance: A subscriber who believes they are the wrongful subject of a copyright takedown notice may file ...
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In the data request page, what does the "Do not sell my information" request type do?

The recent "Upcoming privacy updates: removal of the Activity data section and Google conversion pixel deprecation" communication made me realize that the Data Request submit page includes &...
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When adding image from Wikimedia Commons, automatically add author/license/link

Many Stack Exchange questions and answers embed images from Wikimedia Commons. It is probably the most used image source here. The good news Thanks to their license, all images from Wikimedia Commons ...
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Does the dual license in the pre-2018 Terms of Service allow SE to permit others to redistribute subscriber content outside of CC BY-SA?

I was reading around the topic of the precise details of subscriber-content licensing on SE, and I found (and read more carefully than the previous times I'd seen it) this thread on FOSS.SE from 2017, ...
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Stack Exchange should review and document their data retention policies

Recently, Stack Overflow posted a blog post about their Providence system (see also a 2015 blog post by Kevin Montrose about this same subject). This is related to the Personalized Prediction Data. It ...
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Can we post links to Monica's GoFundMe page again now that donations to it are closed and she's reached an agreement with SE?

In mid-November, SE began removing links to Monica Cellio's GoFundMe campaign, under the direction of their legal team. However, today, the campaign has been closed and is no longer accepting ...
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Typo in the "Public Network Terms of Service"

In the Public Network Terms of Service page, there is a typo. In the second point, the character "e" is missing from word "Enforceable". Contracts are Binding and Legally ...
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Should the legal page on actually be on

I have seen plenty of references to the legal disclaimers etc. for the whole Stack Exchange site being referred to, but all SE sites are owned and operated by Stack ...
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Send an email to users if any changes are made in the privacy policy and/or terms of service

If any changes are made in the privacy policy and/or terms of service of SE/SO, please send an email to the users (at least a month in advance before the legal agreement comes into effect). For ...
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Stack Overflow Careers RSS Developer's Terms of Use

A couple months ago I looked for a Stack Overflow Careers Android app. I found one but ultimately found it to be lacking features and abandoned, so I created my own app from scratch to fill the void: ...
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Link to cookie policy doesn't work in "Accept all cookies" popup

See also, a more narrow bug here (tagged "status-completed", incorrectly(?)). Upon visiting some SE sites (e.g., logged in or not, I receive this popup: The "Customize ...
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Typo in the Terms of Service

I found a typo in the Terms of Service, section 4. When accessing the,, or sites ("AskUbuntu"), Subscriber will also abide by the most ...
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My data access request will be processed last year?

On October 4th I opened a GDPR Portability request ("Export my data"). Today I received an email that my request will be processed and I will receive an answer on 3rd November 2018. This is also ...
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Usage of Stack Exchange API (v2.2)

I was planning to use the API to search for relevant answers to certain questions and then display the output, in Actions on Google. Would doing that violate the policy of fair use or something? (...
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Permission to link to Stack Overflow webpages from my app?

Update: This problem has now been resolved! The app now displays individual Stack Overflow webpages in the user's browser, rather than in WebViews. Since the details are likely to be of most interest ...
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Official name of the new Jobs site?

I was taking a look at the trademark guidance where it says what the proper use of the Stack Exchange name involves. However, it's not addressing the new jobs site. I believe on careers.stackoverflow....
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Generalize the DMCA Takedown Help Center page

All SE sites have a /help/dmca-takedown page. Right now, it's very specific in both the title and the content regarding DMCA takedown requests. However, it would be helpful if it was generalized to ...
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Do I have to worry about patent issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?

I purposely named this question similar to Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?. Since Fedora is banning CC-0 licensed source code citing issue of explicitly ...
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Stack Exchange Data Dumps still indicating old attribution requirements

The Stack Exchange Data Dumps still contain wording mandating that attribution be given in specific ways, going beyond the Creative Commons licensing requirements: Specifically the attribution ...
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Stack Exchange copyright - where should we give attribution?

I know that code from the Stack Exchange sites is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA. So if I use code from Stack Exchange sites, attribution is required (as mentioned in this article). How ...
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Terms of Service begins with "Stack Overflow Network" instead of "Stack Exchange Network"

According to the Trademark Guidelines, the name of the network of Q&A sites is the "Stack Exchange Network". Yet the Terms of Service begins with the word "Stack Overflow Network": There was ...
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Should the trademark guidance state that MathOverflow is written in CamelCase, unlike all other sites in the network?

Should the trademark guidance state that MathOverflow is written in CamelCase, unlike all other sites in the network? MathOverflow is not a trademark of Stack Exchange, as far as I know. On the other ...
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StackExchange's terms of service are a little one-sided

I've been participating in the (ongoing) private beta of Startups. Due to the volume of questions that have arisen on there concerning matters of law, I began wondering what liability there might be ...
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A small suggestion regarding licensing

As discussed under this comment thread, we would not be able to include works under fair use in our posts. This is because (from the current TOS): You agree that all Subscriber Content that You ...
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When and how to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow

I want to understand when do I need to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow. Do I need to give attribution when I use code snippets in a blog post (by a blog post I mean a tutorial) ...
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Where can I ask a question about the legality of devilution?

I want to know if it's legal for this repository to exist: I was checking out the following Stack Exchange sites: https://reverseengineering.stackexchange....
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Legal text on Ask Ubuntu Chat needs to be updated

The Terms of Service say, When accessing the,, or sites ("AskUbuntu"), Subscriber will also abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, which ...
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Company name is wrong in the Trademark Guidelines

The Trademark Guidelines: Proper Use of the Stack Exchange Name There is some confusion around the proper use and context of the Stack Exchange name. Here are some guidelines: Stack Exchange Inc. is ...
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