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Questions tagged [licensing]

Questions about the licensing of content on Stack Exchange sites.

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Communication priorities

Two days ago, via a post on codegolf.meta which summarised a number of recent network-level issues, I stumbled upon Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow have moved to CC BY-SA 4.0. I was astonished to ...
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Stopping data dumps to "protect data" - harmful and threatening to the community

I find it a bit odd that "senior leadership is working on a strategy to protect Stack Overflow data from being misused by companies building LLMs", but historically has only cared about ...
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Does Amazon Alexa use Stack Exchange content, and if so, is it done legally?

According to the Stack Exchange content license (CC-BY-SA), uses of content on Stack Exchange sites must be properly attributed. However, I have noticed Amazon Alexa (accessed using an Echo device) ...
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To who are translations licensed in Stack Exchange international sites that are submitted by community users?

International sites translate much of their content (other than questions and answers) with the help of community users. How are these contributions licensed? There are more than 10,000 strings, not a ...
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What licence is subscriber content provided under 4.0, 3.0 or them all?

In the footer it says: site design / logo © 2018 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required. rev 2018.8.7.31273 However, in the footer under ...
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Will SE tell us if they sell our content?

So, the CEO of Stack Exchange has been quoted in a news article saying that they plan to sell the content of the SE network to large companies training neural networks like the one used for ChatGPT. ...
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Make it clear that you need to have the right to license any pictures under CC BY-SA

tl;dr: Right now we're not allowed to upload any images we don't own (fair use does not apply on this site, see the link). Let's make this a bit clearer in the image upload form. When you try to ...
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When adding image from Wikimedia Commons, automatically add author/license/link

Many Stack Exchange questions and answers embed images from Wikimedia Commons. It is probably the most used image source here. The good news Thanks to their license, all images from Wikimedia Commons ...
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Does the dual license in the pre-2018 Terms of Service allow SE to permit others to redistribute subscriber content outside of CC BY-SA?

I was reading around the topic of the precise details of subscriber-content licensing on SE, and I found (and read more carefully than the previous times I'd seen it) this thread on FOSS.SE from 2017, ...
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What happens when an answer crosses the threshold of originality, but the code within that answer doesn't?

Here's a hypothetical situation. I post an answer on a Stack Exchange site. In order to be useful, the post requires both English prose and code. However, the code alone does not cross the threshold ...
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Show license info for tag excerpts and wikis explicitly

All user contributions on Stack Exchange are licensed (currently under CC-BY-SA 4.0). Back in 2020, Creative Commons Licensing UI and Data Updates made a change in showing the license explicitly for Q&...
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Post disassociation requests should also apply to the author's messages in chat rooms generated from comments on the post

A while ago I made a question, and later decided to be disassociated from that question. However doing so does not completely disassociate your account from this question. If a comment thread gets ...
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Just to clarify the attribution requirements

When a question or answer was posted under one license (e.g. CC BY-SA 3.0), and edited under a different license (e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0), who should be credited as the "author" for attribution ...
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Why does SE retain the copyright for user-submitted blog posts and comments?

The footer of the main SE sites contains the following statement: site design / logo © 2014 stack exchange inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required In contrast,...
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Can I re-publish links extracted from Stack Exchange data dumps under the public domain?

After looking around and finding none, I'm trying to link as many Stack Exchange tags as possible to WikiData entities. My ultimate goal is to automatically categorize tags on Stack Overflow based on ...
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Make license terms more prominent

A lot of people are unaware of license terms that apply to code pieces posted on Stack Overflow or the internet in general. This is from my own experience but is also stated in a paper here. And some ...
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Permission to link to Stack Overflow webpages from my app?

Update: This problem has now been resolved! The app now displays individual Stack Overflow webpages in the user's browser, rather than in WebViews. Since the details are likely to be of most interest ...
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Using Stack Exchange big data for analysis

I downloaded large data sets of Stack Exchange from this: I'm going to use those data for some analysis & going to open source those analysis data. Do ...
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Ground rules for creating GitHub repos from SE content?

What are the ground rules applicable to forking over community wiki content from StackExchange to GitHub? I surmise that License CC-by-SA 3.0 Unported should be kept at all times. Need more ...
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Do I have to worry about patent issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?

I purposely named this question similar to Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?. Since Fedora is banning CC-0 licensed source code citing issue of explicitly ...
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Stack Exchange Data Dumps still indicating old attribution requirements

The Stack Exchange Data Dumps still contain wording mandating that attribution be given in specific ways, going beyond the Creative Commons licensing requirements: Specifically the attribution ...
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Stack Exchange copyright - where should we give attribution?

I know that code from the Stack Exchange sites is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA. So if I use code from Stack Exchange sites, attribution is required (as mentioned in this article). How ...
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Does the MIT license affect anything in academia?

Sorry this is not the most eloquently worded question, and I admit is loaded, but I am hoping some useful meta answer could come from it. I just noticed this hot meta topic The MIT License – Clarity ...
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About citing posts on Stack Exchange in scientific literature

Thinking about the BibTeX template SE uses (which yields just awful results when used with LaTeX) I had some questions. I recently commented them on the legacy post on attribution on SE: The need of ...
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A small suggestion regarding licensing

As discussed under this comment thread, we would not be able to include works under fair use in our posts. This is because (from the current TOS): You agree that all Subscriber Content that You ...
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When and how to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow

I want to understand when do I need to give attribution to code snippets from Stack Overflow. Do I need to give attribution when I use code snippets in a blog post (by a blog post I mean a tutorial) ...
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Related questions under Creative Commons?

Stack Exchange releases its user-generated content in a data dump under a Creative Commons license—this is an incredible resource for researchers like myself, and as far as I know no other site has ...
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Use of stackexchange data in commercial publication

I am writing a book about search engines. I'm hunting for a data set to drive examples throughout the book. I'd like to use data derived from stackexchange (via the API) and I want to make sure that I ...
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Interacting w/ Subscriber Content via StackExchange API in Commercial Applications

I've read the API Terms of Use and The Terms of Service and just wanted to confirm that my understanding is correct: Subscriber content can be used inside of a publicly accessible commercial ...
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Should we merge the meta tags [licensing] and [license]?

There are two meta tags, license (13 questions tagged) and licensing (54 questions tagged), that seem like they cover the same topic. Neither one has a tag wiki, but they both appear to be about the ...
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