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For questions about question bans, input limits, voting limits, daily reputation limits, answer limits, etc.

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Moderator activity limits (voting, reviewing, etc.) [duplicate]

I'm curious about something. Do moderators have limits for various actions like normal users? In particular Voting (normal users have 40 votes) Reviews (20/40 per queue for normal users) Asking ...
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6 votes
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How do I have 32 reviews in the low quality posts queue?

I noticed I somehow have 32 reviews today in the LQP queue on Stack Overflow: Only after my 32nd review did I get the message that I'm only allowed 20 reviews. This is not a new problem, every day I ...
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Where can I propose an increase in the number of allowable tags on a Stack Overflow question?

I would like to propose an increase of number of tags allowed per question from 5 to 8. Where is the best place to post my proposal?
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Is there a limit to the number of answers that a single user can submit to the same question?

Some websites run weekly, fortnightly or monthly topic challenges, e.g. Gardening, Worldbuilding and Literature. On Literature Meta SE, anyone can submit reading challenges, using one answer per ...
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How to avoid the 6 character minimum edit limit? [duplicate]

I recently found a piece of PHP code on Stack Overflow that was missing a semicolon. This would cause a syntax error, which in turn would cause a "500 internal error", and could be very confusing to ...
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Solve mistyped text [duplicate]

Sometimes I come across some texts with a few mistakes in typing, something like 2 or 3 characters, that I can't correct, specially because is mandatory to fix at least 6 characters and I don't want ...
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You have reached the question limit [duplicate]

I received a message I have reached the question limit when I tried to ask a question. I wrote three questions last two weeks with 0 votes. I am now answering other questions in hope I will be able ...
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Daily limit of flags increase? [duplicate]

I have noticed that my daily limit of flags. On the attached picture it says "66 remaining flags" but it was much less several of weeks ago (about 40+ or 50+) Is is a feature (with amount of helpful ...
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How to know/expand my limits? [duplicate]

How do I know how many questions I can ask per day or per month? How do I increase these limits? I mean, at the moment, how do I know, how many more questions I can ask? And, suppose I reached some ...
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2 answers

Setting per-question criteria users have to meet to answer a question [duplicate]

Note that this is NOT only about points. The "duplicate" question is asking for a SO reputation-based limitation. This is asking rather for a more sophisticated conditions. I have had a very bad ...
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Why are users allowed to vote to delete/undelete multiple times? [duplicate]

Someone came to meta to try and get help reopening their question, and it got deleted as a result. I voted to undelete it and flagged it as well since I don't think we should be deleting posts that ...
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1 answer

Increase the maximum daily flag allowance/review allowances if you have access to the moderator tools

I understand obviously why the flag allowance is in place, to prevent users from "spamming" flags on a daily basis. My question is, if a user hits the 10k mark and gets access to the Moderator tools, ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Close votes daily limit increase [duplicate]

Due to large number of reviews waiting do be done - at the time about 46,000 - did you consider - maybe temporary increase daily close votes limit from 40 to higher number ? I know there is limit ...
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1 answer

Review limit increment in base of review quality

Should the review queue limit increment if the review quality is higher?
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Capacity limitations in the new review system

I just got back to reviewing on SO after a few months of inactivity, and I've been very surprised with the new review system, it seems to have changed a lot since the time I was using it a few months ...
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5 votes
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Edits must be at least 6 non-space characters [duplicate]

I fixed the formatting to an answer for this question but was unable to proceed as I hadn't changed 6 characters. I added a couple links to utilities mentioned. I then noticed the links weren't ...
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Off-topic migration site targetting [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Migrate shortlist based on tags? When Voting to Migrate an Off-Topic Question, Why Is the List of Sites Limited? Currently the site choice of question migration is only ...
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Where can I find the official documentation on review? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow you can make reviews, but there is a limit. This limit is not static. Since I began reviewing, rules governing the review limit has changed a lot! Where can I find the last updated ...
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3 answers

Set Some conditions to answer my question

Suppose I wish to allow only users who have scored at least 15 in the particular tag to answer my question, Is it possible to set a condition like this while asking a question? So that I can avoid ...
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Overall (not daily) limit for reputation gained from answer

Is there any overall limit for reputation that can be gained from answer? I've been awarded bounty (+400) and since then I get no additional reputation points for upvotes on that answer. When I try ...
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How many edits of a question and of an answer will be stored by Stack Overflow?

Is there any limit beyond which the oldest edits are cleaned off automatically from Stack Overflow's database?
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2 answers

What happens when I run out of moderator flags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is there a limit on number of posts I can flag? I haven't noticed it before, but recently I found that whenever I flag something for moderator attention, that flag count ...
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1 answer

How my flag limit is increasing daily? [duplicate]

My flag limit is increasing day by day. I haven't noticed before how many flag I can raise. But since I am noticing it is increased a lot. In last week, I have raised above 200 helpful flags. I have ...
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How to increase quota for questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 50 question per month limit? I hit the limit of 50 questions per 30 days. How I can increase my quota?
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We need a new way to calculate the number of flags per day

Flag weight is no longer visible in user profiles, but is still used internally to calculate the number of flags per day. We need a new way to calculate the number of flags each user gets per day. ...
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I'm not able to ask questions -- is it my mistake or a system error?

I asked a question on SO three days ago, and I got three downvotes. From that day, I have been unable to ask questions. Then I studied this Meta SO question; I thought answering questions and getting ...
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4 answers

Why is there a limit on number of posts I can flag?

I have noticed that there is a limit for number of posts that I can flag. The limit value seems to decrease without being restored. Why is there such a limit? We earn the ability to flag posts after ...
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Require 50 reputation for asking question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: minimum rep before asking questions In my opinion Stack Overflow is flooded by rather banal questions asked by users who just opened their Stack Overflow account. Would it ...
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Limit the number of answers per question for users with low reputation

Some new users don't know how to edit their own answers, so they post their edits as a second answer to the same question - as people do in forums. I suggest that we limit the number of answers per ...
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