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Tool to prevent posting invalid URLs in questions and answers.

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Why does a particular user profile trigger 'Deceptive Site Ahead' message?

Clicking on the username in a comment by user l'L'l on this question seems to trigger chrome's security alert, stating Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like ...
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Any way to work around filtering of links containing numeric addresses?

In a question I posted recently, I tried to include a link to a web page where the host is specified as a numeric IP address ( rather than a domain name. However, the Stack Exchange ...
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localhost URLs should be allowed for block quotes

Suppose I want to ask a question about some code that doesn't work and need to quote the following error message There was no endpoint listening at that could accept the ...
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Is there any chance the localhost link restriction will be lifted?

Is there any chance that localhost links will be allowed again, or is that a completely closed subject? I've seen these posts, but neither seems to have a clear answer: The link validator is ...
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Links to Java documentation broken [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Autogenerated links truncate a final closing bracket Let's say there's a question about how to get a character from a String at a certain index (just an example). I say, "Oh, ...
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Link to relevant meta discussion in 'no numeric IPs' error message

As per this change, numeric links are considered "invalid" and prevent posting with the message: Your post contains a link to the invalid host ''. Please correct it by specifying a ...
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Where should wmd-editor links point to?

There are 98 posts on Stack Overflow that link to The domain is now dead, our work on the wmd editor lives at During work on my link ...
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The link validator is overzealous and should allow posting so-called 'invalid' links [closed]

On Stack Exchange, as with any web site containing external links, there's a problem known as link rot. This is the phenomenon whereby some URLs no longer point to the information that they once ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Your post contains a link to the invalid host '' [closed]

What's up with this error? Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: Your post contains a link to the invalid host ''. Please correct it by specifying a non numeric domain or ...
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Does the link validator regard a 302 redirect as broken?

We had this question "Should a link validator report 302 redirects as broken links?" over at webmaster pro's recently. I can only guess at an answer, but based on the OP's findings the stackbot ...
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Link validator incorrectly marks ampersands as broken links

We just got crawled for broken links for the first time, and many of the links are of the format
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3 answers

How should we handle "conditionally" broken links?

As part of my big mission to rid us of broken links I have come across an edge case I would like to address. Links such as: are broken, unless one is logged on ...
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Validating that which can not be validated, how do we deal with robots exclusions?

Many high profile sites have taken a "white-list" based approach to robots.txt Examples are: Github Facebook Delicious The result is that we are not allowed to automatically check that any ...
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Invalid link comment with no links in question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Auto-Link-validator marks punycode URLs are invalid I just noticed this question, which contains no links, has a comment from Community♦ indication a broken link in the ...
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Auto-Link-validator marks punycode URLs as invalid

So the new-find-and-comment-on-invalid-links script has kicked into action. And the way it works is pretty nifty, especially the auto-delete-on-fix. However, it seems to mark answers containing URL-...
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Does Stack Exchange crawl websites?

I'm seeing the user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; stackexchangebot/1.0; + in my web server logs. Why is Stack Exchange crawling my site? Where do I report any ...