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Questions asking for lists to be provided, including lists of books, features, tools, etc.

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Please post here your site's useful lists of canonical posts, potential duplicate targets, faq, etc [closed]

Please post here your site's master list of basics that are used to refer participants to. The name is not the most important thing! It might be called potential duplicate targets, reference list, ...
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Deleting suggestions posted as answers when they are implemented: Is this problematic?

On Meta Stack Overflow en Español we have some practices that I would like to know if there other child Metas that use them, but particularly if those practices could eventually become problematic. ...
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Agentless centralized server management: where can I ask an open-ended question about this?

Where can I ask about the benefits and drawbacks of having an agentless configuration management or cloud management platform tool? I don't see agents as that bad. But some people think agents on ...
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Standardizing the Community Wiki "Resource List"

A community wiki "Resource List" has been found useful on many sites. Here is a list of those I have found: Resources for learning Chemistry Resources for learning Russian Resources for ...
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Separate the 'Sort by' and 'view' concepts for questions on the android app

It seems I can not choose the sorting criteria for the questions on the android app. Maybe I am missing something, but the questions are always sorted by vote(I am talking about unanswered questions, ...
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Question about differences between React and Angular.js deleted without explanation [closed]

When Facebook React.js came out, I was curious to know how it was different from AngularJS and posted a question only to have it "closed as not constructive". I found out that my question has now been ...
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Should I ask a question on StackExchange sites if and only if I can expect someone to know the complete answer?

This thing have been bugging me for months... I agree that most listing questions are subjective. Asking for the best, feature comparison or recommendations cannot be objective because they depend ...
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Consistency on 'Definitive Booklist' questions?

Consider the two questions: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List The Definitive C Book Guide and List Why is the C book list question closed and the C++ book list question open? Consistency ...
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What close reason for polling questions?

Most Stack Exchange site get their share of poll and list (shopping or otherwise) questions. (“What are all the fidgets that warble mildly?” “Where can I find tutorials about stambolgification?“ “...
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Let me rephrase the question about VCS hosting so that it isn't directly asking for a list but is rather a "Can I do this?" question [closed]

I asked the question Which public hosting sites for darcs projects are there? (Like Gitorious for Git.), but it got deleted a while ago. Let me rephrase it as: I want to put my darcs project onto ...
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Community Questions [duplicate]

I am requesting that questions be allowed to be asked in manner of mass answer. Please visit either of these links to understand my question. [Hidden features of Windows batch files ] [https://...
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Are there "good" list questions as opposed to "bad" list questions? [duplicate]

"List" questions can be bad if they generate an endless list of answers, with no answer better than another. Such a question might be, "Who is the best general of all time?" But could a "list" ...
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Where to ask "listing" questions? [duplicate]

I just found Wikis with VCS backends? , and I must say I found it very useful; however, it was closed as "Off topic". Now, it hasn't generated all that many page views, but I would have loved it if it ...
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Pros/Cons lists comparing two methods/technologies/etc. Constructive or not? [duplicate]

Related: Why is a feature comparison list question not considered constructive? So, I recently asked the question Rosyln versus T4 for code generation It was thereafter shortly closed because it was a ...
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Why is a feature comparison list question not considered constructive? [duplicate]

Why is it not considered appropriate to ask for the comparison between two specific software that are supposed to do the same thing? Personally, I generally seek out comparison articles on software ...
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Is it reasonable to close a question if is intended towards discovering new frameworks?

I asked equivalent in other platforms question in SO to learn more about frameworks which solve a particular problem. I feel this can be answered with references, or specific ...
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"I need a widget/control" questions

I've seen quite a few questions asking something like "I used this control on platform X. Now I'm using platform Y and is there a similar control?" or "I need a control that is capable of these ...
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Where should I ask questions about research papers?

My question about research papers was closed (which I have no problem with), but I got no hint on where it would be appropriate. Where should the question be posted?
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What type of questions can be ask in the Q&A? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Feature Request: “Ask For List” It seems that the moderators started developing the habit of closing and downvoting most of the questions submitted to this site. I wondered ...
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Is there a canonical response to back up the statement that "list questions are bad"?

So I think all of us experienced overflowers and exchangers of stacks have learned that list questions are not considered good for the Q&A system the network is trying to achieve. But when I want ...
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Should "shopping lists" and "hardware" questions be added to "What Not to Ask" in FAQ

I was trying to respond to a comment from the OP on this question today. I was about to point him to the FAQ to say "shopping list quesions" and "computer hardware questions" are explicitly forbidden ...
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Are list questions off topic?

This old question asked for "the opinion about list questions". The answers are from three years ago. In current (July 2012) Stack Exchange, are list questions considered off topic? By list question ...
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With 2500 upvotes and 5600 favorites why was this question closed? [closed] Why o why did you guys delete all the answers to this question. All the free knowledge and effort put forth by ...
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Feature Request: "Ask For List" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Could there be a separate area A number of times users ask open questions like...
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Could there be a separate area [duplicate]

I understand both sides of the "Lists questions" debate. Personally I find them very informative and end up on those threads often through google. But I also understand the desire to keep all the se ...
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What is the definition of a list question?

After an extensive discussion in chat I've come to the conclusion there are some unclarities relating to list questions. In an attempt to tackle this problem in a more constructive format I first want ...
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Exceptional cases for list questions [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I am starting this question because one of my questions was closed under this reasoning. However, I will attempt to remain objective. The question that sparks this one is here: https://...
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Is it wrong to ask a question with many answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List questions: Community Wiki? I'm referring to my question here: Java optimizations I don't completely understand why it was closed. It does not violate any of the reasons ...
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List questions: Community Wiki?

There are absolutely loads of payment gateways out there, and I'd like a comprehensive list of them. There's already a question asking for the "best" ones,
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Are recommendation questions an acceptable kind of list-type question or should they be closed? [duplicate]

Recommendations are a recurring topic on multiple Stack Exchange (SE) sites. Some sites allow recommendations (ex: boardgames), some do not (ex: gaming). There are many reasons for that and I can ...
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Should we have a "List of X" close reason?

We're seeing a lot of the Let's make a "List of X" problem on new Stack Exchange 2.0 sites. Like so. Our engine is absolutely brilliant at surfacing these questions, and they can have some utility ......
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What's the opinion on "list" questions? [duplicate]

I'm wondering what the general opinion on "list" questions in the trilogy - example: List of freely available programming books Are these good questions? I certainly think so, as they help Stack ...
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What about a multi-answer question? [duplicate]

Sometimes you ask a question on Stack Overflow, or Server Fault, and I'm sure it will happen on Super User, that lends itself to multiple correct responses, like a list. Is there anything to handle ...
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