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Sites' icons appear shifted / wrong sites' icons are appearing

Just noticed that some sites' icons, both on home page and in "Hot Network Questions" sidebar are shifted and mixed with icons of different sites. For example, here, the Server Fault icon ...
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Minor alignment issue in Stack Overflow logo on Stack Overflow for Teams emails footer

I have received a few emails related to Stack Overflow for teams with the subject title started as "Welcome ...", "Build your team, ...", "Find what you need, ...". In ...
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The Stack Overflow logo seems a bit too low in the blog

I get the impression when looking at the logos in The Overflow blog's top right corner that the Stack Exchange logo stands out for being aligned slightly too low. (The strange thing is that every ...
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The top bar's Stack Exchange logo is permanently max-width and squeezes out the site switcher on mobile, requiring scrolling to access

The newly updated top bar has come with a change that's kind of inconvenient on mobile: the “Stack Exchange” logo is full width always, and this squeezes out the site switcher, requiring people to ...
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Is the change in the site logo in Chat intentional?

I remember Math.SE Chat looking like this: From Now, it looks like this: To be exact, the logo changed from this: to this: From the sources, it seems like apple-touch-icon.png ...
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Obfuscated Ask Ubuntu logo when composing a query on SEDE [duplicate]

When composing a query for Ask Ubuntu on SEDE, the logo for that site in the upper-right corner shows up like this: Without the "Ubuntu" part, and it looks like this happens elsewhere on ...
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When will a graduated site get a theme or custom branding?

I'm hesitating to ask this question because we have been asked for years to be patient. And I think we have been. But for the last one/two years I can no longer find any updates on that matter. It's ...
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Frontpage logo is misaligned on a number of SE sites

I noticed on Math.SE that the logo is not symmetric when it should be, c.f. similar issue on SO (1) and (2), though I do not know if the issue persists on SO without making measurements. I note that ...
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What does the logo of each Stack Exchange site represent?

There are many sites on the SE Network that are based on different topics. From the question topics to the identity of each site's logo, what does it represent?
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Who designs the different Stack Exchange site logos?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but my motivation for asking this question is the beautiful logo for Aviation Stack Exchange. It is super memorable and I would love to know who ...
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The featured stackoverflow blog posts have the stackexchange logo

See picture: The icon/logo and tooltip are confusing at first glance.
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Can we print the SE logo by ourselves? [duplicate]

I've organised unofficial SOru event several month ago: Неофициальная встреча в Москве 22 Марта в 19:00. I've wanted to print SOru logo on T-shirts and give them to members, but CM told me that SO is ...
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Official resource to download Stack Exchange site logos [duplicate]

Is there an official resource from where high resolution logos for the various Stack Exchange network websites can be obtained? I am talking about logos of network sites that are launched and have a ...
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Add a 1px outline to site logos

Would it be possible to add an outline to the logos of Stack Exchange websites? I am using the Stack Overflow Dark user style, and it makes the Super User logo mostly unreadable, and the text of the ...
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Why is Area 51 showing the Stack Overflow logo on Site Stats?

We see site stats on the home page of beta sites. Below the site stats, we have two more options to show the stats in detail. Area 51 Stack Exchange Previously, the Area 51 showed a Area 51 logo ...
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Posting a SE site URL in chat results in old logos being oneboxed

When posting a link to a site's homepage in chat, the link automatically oneboxes to the site's logo. However, I discovered a couple of related bugs with it. First, the logo for beta sites has been ...
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Why do some StackExchange sites have a nice logo and others a simple speech bubble with 2 letters?

From my Stack Exchange sites: Nice logos Simple boring logos Why is that? Not enough questions or people joined to the site Nobody did design a cool logo Other reason
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What are the requirements for a (beta) site logo?

Someone on Sustainable Living SE proposed to hold a 'new logo' contest so we can make the beta site a bit more distinct and recognizable. From this Meta post I understood that Stack Exchange sites can ...
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Site logo in "Bounty Grace Period Started" email is distorted

The logo of the site where the bounty question is asked appears to be distorted in comparison to the text, when reading the mail: Same issue in landscape orientation.
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Change MSE logo in bounty email notifications

In the past, bounty email notifications from MSE had the general Stack Exchange logo: This is fine. However, today I noticed a change which doesn't look good: The transparent logo doesn't ...
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UX consistency across SE sites with the new layout / theme

This is somewhat related to this question, which asks about the point of the Stack Exchange logo in the top bar. There's a rather frustrating experience when navigating between Stack Overflow and ...
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Vector format logos of SE sites? [duplicate]

There are vector logos for five of the sites: I was wondering if there were also vector logos for the other sites that are available for download? (I am ...
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2 answers

Why is Stack Exchange logo written as StackExcha'r'ge?

The Stack Exchange logo displayed in the top left is written as Stack Excharge. Why? Is it done purposefully or a bug?
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Logo not vertically centered within header on several Stack Exchange sites

The logo below the top bar on several sites is no longer vertically centered within the header bar. Affected sites: Webmasters (I'm a moderator there and it has been bugging me for a month or so) ...
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Use SVG version of SE logo

This is the view of the login screen (when not logged in): The Stack Exchange logo is a blurry PNG version at that scale. The font size is also different to the surrounding text. Why is this version ...
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Yellow background for Stack Exchange icon in Winter Bash 2017 logo is too distracting

The logo of Winter Bash 2017 looks like this: I find the yellow background very distracting, and I even clicked it expecting a menu or at least some link. But it's just part of the logo. Can this ...
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What is this strange diamond logo on my Stack Exchange cap?

Today, I received some swag (thanks!). One of the items was a cap, and I was puzzled by the logo on it. I've never seen it before, but it's related to the Stack Exchange logo as it seems to have the ...
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Incorrect site icons on Hot Network Questions [duplicate]

The questions listed under Hot Network Questions each have a little icon representing their exchange (a "P" for "Parenting", a speech bubble for "Meta", etc.) -- but recently these icons are all mixed ...
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Wrong icons in the "hot network questions" column

Currently the "hot networks" column is showing wrong icons for some, but not all of the sites. (The URLs linked to have the correct site). It seems to happen only on some sites -- I see it on ...
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What's the process to change a site logo?

Who is responsible for defining a site logo? I mean, there are moderators of the site that define it, or stackexchange defines it?
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Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow Meta logo is offset in IE10

I know IE will be gone soon, but not soon enough. There are still some who will choose not to update to IE11. Here are some screenshots: Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow Meta
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159 views uses a raster logo

Small nitpick, but Stack Exchange's logo is a raster, whereas almost every SE site uses a vector logo (including Meta SE). It's more strange considering Stack Exchange Inc. provides users with a ...
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Area 51's logo is a low-res raster

Area 51's logo uses a raster image, which is low-res at larger displays: whereas Area 51 Discussions uses a vector graphic, which does not pixelate no matter the display: Shouldn't Area 51 use a ...
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Why is there transparent text over the logo here on Meta?

When selecting something on a page, I noticed this oddity: (to reprodce press CTRL+A) On closer inspection, I saw there's indeed the text "Meta Stack Exchange" inside the logo placeholder, with ...
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All Stack Exchange site logos are showing up as the 3D Printing one REDUX

All Stack Exchange site logos are showing up as the 3D Printing one This bug just started showing up for me again; I noticed it on both computer and phone.
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Pinned tabs show the Stack Exchange logo on Chrome but not on Safari [duplicate]

I use Safari Version 10.0.2 (12602.3.12) and Chrome Version 55.0.2883.75 (64-bit) on macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta (16C53a).
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Approved icons / 'media pack' for linking *to* stack exhange sites from external sites?

I would imagine this has been asked before but perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms. I'd like to link to Korean Language Stack Exchange from an external website - to make this link recognisable I'...
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Icons of Meta.SE and Stack Apps have gone missing

I was just looking at someone's list of accounts (e.g., here's mine) and noticed that the icon next to the "Meta Stack Exchange" account is showing the "broken image" sign instead ...
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Can I use a Spoof/Parody version of the StackOverflow logo?

So I've been looking around the communities Meta StackOverflow and Meta StackExchange, but wasn't able to find something that I think directly answers my concern. I've made a simple design that is ...
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Meta logo is not properly clickable? [duplicate]

The logo displayed at the top of each SE site is designed to link to the respective site's homepage. This works fine on most SE sites, except Meta SE. For some reason, the logo is only clickable on ...
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How is an icon for a site created or added to that site?

If I created an icon for a site on SE, how could it become the official one? (Instead of the light-blue speech bubble with initials in it)
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2 answers

How are the icons for each Stack Exchange community chosen?

I noticed some communities have their own icon (logo) while other just have a generic one with the first letter of the community. Here's an example : Coffee and 3D Printing communities have a ...
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Stack Overflow logo on the mobile login screen is outdated

When I open the Stack Exchange iOS app (v1.4.5), I notice something rather peculiar: Compare this to: It appears that on mobile, the stacks are overflowing too much. That is, it's using the old logo....
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All Stack Exchange site logos are showing up as the 3D Printing one

This just started happening on non-meta sites: Meta Stack Exchange's logo in the "Featured on Meta" section seems to have been replaced with some site's logo. Mousing over the icon does produce "Meta ...
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Ask Ubuntu logo partially invisible on Data.SE [duplicate]

Yeah, this hasn't been patched since 2012 [SE data explorer shows bad Ask Ubuntu logo ]
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Chat homepage logo hard to read

On the site page of the chat the logo of StackExchange is hard to read: If you look close, you see that there is a logo, but you need to loop very close to read it. I suggest we add a border to the ...
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StackOverflow logo broken download link

I would like to download the StackOverflow logo in a vector file format. I found a download link for the logo in the EPS format at, but it is 404'ing. As a ...
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Some site logos are hardly visible in the app sites list

The icon of Meta Stack Overflow is hardly visible in the iOS app on the dark background. This transcends the importance of meta, potentially affecting even sites themselves. It is already ...
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SharePoint site logo is too black in Hot Network Questions sidebar

The logo of SharePoint site is just too black in the sidebar: Can this please be changed to something else, e.g. bright blue? (#D1EBFF in my example) Worth to mention, that on retina display ...
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SO Blog icon has partial white background when tab is inactive

When you open a tab on the StackOverflow (company) blog, and switch to another tab, the icon has a partial white background: Firefox (Most obvious) - note the difference between that and the normal ...
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