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Is Lucene.Net used directly or is it modified, much as PageDown is to WMD?

Seeing questions come up like these: Incorrect searching with %in% Poor code tokenizing I'm wondering: Can I contribute a patch directly to Lucene.Net which would solve these issues? Or is a ...
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Search with %in% (set membership operator in R) broken on Stack Exchange?

Can't search (on SO, with Lucene) for R language's %in% (set membership) operator, even with quotes. (Note that Lucene's default behavior without quotes is even worse than returning no hits, it strips ...
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How are search results ranked?

I couldn't find much on the new Lucene-based search, and don't know much about the engine in general, so I'm asking this question. Does anybody have a description of how search results are ranked? ...
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Now, how is Lucene.NET utilized on StackOverflow (part 2)? [closed]

Given that StackOverflow has moved over to Lucene.NET for search, the original question that I asked on this matter now has a completely different answer. Specifically, some of the things I'd like to ...
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New Stack Exchange Search, Try it out! [duplicate]

Note: the below is outdated, search was changed once again: A new search engine for Stack Exchange For a few reasons, we recently changed the guts of how search works on our sites. If you keep up, ...
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How is Lucene.NET utilized on StackOverflow (if at all)?

This question now has a completely different answer, given the announcement that Lucene.NET is being used to power StackOverflow's search capability. With that, I've created a new question to request ...
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