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Can we do anything about Typosquatters?

I mistyped a link. Fortunately I also borked markdown so I went back and double checked it. The live site stackexcange dot com (intentional typo domain name) appears parked 100% of the time in Tor ...
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Where is the explicit statement to bar malicious/illegal hacking questions? [duplicate]

As a specimen consider the following genuine question: I have a list of hashs (md5), around 50K. I'm looking for the best solution to write a script that compare my hashlist to a huge (many GB ...
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Kaspersky identifying /posts/popup/anon-vote as phishing

I tried to upvote the below question before hitting refresh, so I got the anonymous vote popup - but Kaspersky blocks it: After allowing it:
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Potential malicious intent in code or am I imagining things? [duplicate]

There are number of issue with this post Why would you want to hide hidden bytes to a text file? He's asked virtually the ...
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Malicious ads or just simple error messages?

I was looking at a WebSocket issue when I noticed these two error messages as I loaded Stack Overflow. I was using a Windows 7 machine running Google Chrome. Blocked a frame with origin "...
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Malicious payload in SO question [closed]

This question: Can Someone Tell Me Why This Is malicious..? someone has pasted code that (at a minimum) makes my ESET AV shut down my connection. Can someone with an appropriate sandbox edit that ...
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What flag to use for malicious code? [duplicate]

What flag should be used when it appears that a user is asking how to program malicious code through stack overflow? Example Question: String overflowing when concatting I used the "it needs ...
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Do we answer questions that may have malicious intent? [duplicate]

What do we do if we come across a question that could have malicious intent behind it. I found one such question and don't know what the normal practice regarding these questions is. Do we flag them? ...
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Dealing with questions of nefarious intent

How should we treat questions that are, or have seeds of, evil or malicious purposes and actions, such as writing spambots and malware? Should they be answered like regular "everybody keeps their ...
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