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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat).

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Markdown change: Intra-word emphasis now works

There are tons of questions I could maybe post this as an answer to, but before choosing the best one, I'll just post this as an announcement question that can be linked elsewhere. The short story ...
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Electrical Engineering needs a Markdown solution for overline

The introduction of tables was a great addition to the Electrical Engineering substack, since I often want to quote tables from electronic component datasheets. An actual table is far more functional ...
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Adding a link with a space in front causes the link to not work

When you paste a link into the "Insert Hyperlink" box, it adds it automatically as a citation link: [Example 1][1] [1]: But when you paste a link starting with a space , it ...
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Add quote markup to comments

Comments have a very restricted markup ability. Currently supported text markups available are Italic text Bold text code One of the very common things people do in comments that is not supported ...
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Make "x identical lines skipped" expandable

Recently, I saw this revision: I'm using the side-by-side markdown layout to see revisions. Now, I wanted to see the rest of the code to see what impact this revision had. So I think, let's click on "...
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Whitelist the <span> tag with the lang= attribute, in order to support Han characters

Currently, <span> tags are not on the whitelist of allowed HTML tags. The lang= attribute also is not permitted anywhere. In some contexts, this causes a problem with characters that are Han-...
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Can we please get a <ref>erence / [cite]ation feature?

Some stacks (or should I say: all scientific and linguistic ones) have extensive quotation needs, others do try to make people back it up, best with citations to authorities. Some Q&A might cite ...
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Add "paragraphs" to Markdown help

Like balpha once explained very nicely, a <br> line break (newline) should be used in very few cases, and surely is not the same as a new <p> paragraph. Still the Markdown help only ...
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Can questions support the <details> tag?

Today I wanted to include an extra log in a question, but felt it didn't need to take up vertical space when someone first looked at the question (the scrollbar on long code wasn't aggressive enough ...
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Prevent Markdown links from escaping the tilde character (~) on Stack Exchange

When Linking to a Text Fragment, :~:text= is used as part of the URL to identify text to highlight: When ...
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Markdown table preview does not detect missing blank line before table header

When I edited an answer on Electrical Engineering Meta to add a second markdown table, both the first and second tables rendered correctly in preview, but the second table does not render. I've waited ...
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Could <samp> support be added to Stack Exchange?

Since Stack Exchange already supports <kbd> for text input, it only makes sense to support the matching output from a program, <samp>, distinctly from the program <code> itself. If ...
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Starring a message in chat that has a tag late in the message causes an empty tag box in the star list

Well, that's a decent title. Now what the heck am I talking about? Caused by starring this chat message. Seems to me like the box shouldn't be there at all since the tag is not part of the shortened ...
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Why aren't description lists formatted on Stack Exchange?

Description lists, formerly known as definition lists, are a form of HTML markup. While they are not a part of Markdown, they may be created on Stack Exchange through inline HTML. However, they ...
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Links to answers are not formatted to show the title automatically

When including a link to a question in a post (question or answer) by copying the Link URL at the bottom of the question, the link is automatically formatted to appear as the question title: For ...
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Email does not support SE-style Markdown, to everyone's disappointment

I just received an email from Stack Overflow community support, checking in with me about why I haven't taken moderator activites on Constructed Language Stack Exchange lately. The answer is simple; ...
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On some sites, the closing fence is visible if post ends immediately after a code block that has an empty line

An example of the bug is shown in the screenshot below, which occurred while editing this answer: The issue goes away if a trailing line break is added. A minimal reproduction of the bug: Ask on ...
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Allow folding/collapsing of certain segments of posts

A question with attachments, screenshots and/or long code, makes it vertically long and often difficult to read fast. It would be nice to have a new kind of format, such as 'hideable', with a graphic ...
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Proposal for Markdown buttons design

Markdown panel that is used now in Stack Exchange sites has button images with medium resolution. It would be good to have these buttons in good quality, because in Retina display images are blurred. ...
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Could Markdown and mini-Markdown have the same support for backticks?

In comments, mini-Markdown sometimes has a different syntax for backticks within backticks: when the code starts and/or ends with a backtick, one needs escaping. In those cases, could mini-Markdown ...
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Reuse image description (alt text) as hover tooltip (title) by default

As What's the point in adding alt-text to an image? explains, currently, image description text only shows when browsing with images disabled and as such, can't be seen at all (and thus is ...
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Some Markdown tables incorrectly omit an entire column in the rendered post, but display correctly in the preview

This is not a duplicate of the following posts: Markdown table preview does not detect missing blank line before table header - that question is reporting a different issue, a problem with tables ...
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Link to feedback site in tag filter email does not have the correct formatting

I noticed that the email I received for a tag filter I created on Stack Exchange has the following footer: Questions? Comments? Let us know on our [feedback site]( ...
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Visibility of links with uppercase letters in protocol section is inconsistent

Any link is visible in post preview despite of case in protocol section. But only links where protocol in lowercase are visible in result. Here is the link with uppercase letter in protocol section: ...
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Make Link markdown with whitespace-only content for the 'link' text auto-delete itself

There was a questionable post caught by SmokeDetector containing an invisible link set forth on white space like follows: [ ](hxxp://some-nsfw-image-link-or-spam-link) ... which renders pretty much ...
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Special characters in moderators' names break formatting in 'whois' response

The Teachers' Lounge has a chatbot with a whois function listing moderators for a specific site. The response is in italics, but it's a Markdown message, and moderator names with an underscore at the ...
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"Is it time to add another moderator" email contains unparsed Markdown

I just received another email in unparsed Markdown: Can somebody please reactivate the Markdown parser - I seem to remember earlier emails of this type being correctly formatted.
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Insufficient padding on one-line markdown pre tag

When scrolling through a code-block that is one line high on OSX the scroll bars appear when you hover over to scroll and obscure over half of the text. Chrome: Firefox: It's very distracting. It ...
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Markdown images should clickable by default

Imagine a person posting a diagram within a Stack Exchange question. Typically they wind up with markdown like this: ### ![enter image description here][1] [1]: The ...
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Give a warning instead of silently deleting <angle brackets>

I just wrote an answer which contained the sentence You need an IQueriable<TypeA>, but you have an IQueriable<TypeB> Upon posting, the "invalid markdown tags" where silently deleted,...
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Control width of table cell

I often use tables to improve posts with many and/or large images: it makes it easier for the reader to get an overview of a given situation, it effortlessly turns the images into links so their ...
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Offline markdown editor for draft answers

I'm wondering if anybody else has the requirement of having an (offline) editor when posting long questions and answers and would prefer to create the text in a separate (offline) editor to reduce the ...
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Extend comment "magic links" syntax to allow arbitrary link text

The magic links are awesome. How much more awesome would it be to be able to make a comment linking to one of the URLs covered by a magic link, but with custom text? Since the square-bracket link ...
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Perverse <del>/code block nesting preview is misleading

I just noticed that including code blocks in <del></del> seems to work in the preview but does not in the posted result. For example this: <del>Not code but enclosed in del tags ...
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Markdown in cover letters

One of the things I love about the Stack Exchange sites is how pervasive Markdown is. You can literally use it almost everywhere. Heck, I'm using it right now, as I type this. So, you can imagine my ...
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Can we make the link formatting more obvious in the suggested edits queue?

Link in a suggested edit show up as such: You can't even tell that it is a link. It isn't obvious until you mouseover the text and even then, you can miss it really easily: I've rejected a couple ...
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Can the code button in the format bar be made to work for code blocks in numbered lists

I ran into a problem formatting a code block in a numbered list. I notice that I am not the first one to run into this problem -- there are more than a dozen questions related to this topic. The ...
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Enhancement Request: Attribution Block Markdown

Over at Worldbuilding we constantly bring images and quotes in from outside sources. I suspect other Stacks do that a lot, too. When it comes to images, charts, and graphs, we want people to properly ...
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What Replacement Strings are available for use in Community Specific Close Reasons?

I've been working on a project to update some of our Community Specific closure reasons on Stack Overflow. In my research, I've been looking network wide at our various community's closure reasons. I'...
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Revision diff columns overflowing

I was editing a post, and I formatted the code better (markdown hates code with tab characters in it). When I was viewing the revisions (in source side-by-side diff mode), some of the lines were ...
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Add "> text" quote markup to chat FAQ

It's possible to quote a block of text in chat by preceding it with a greater-than sign and a space: > I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts This produces a nice vertical dotted line in the message. ...
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Stack Exchange automatically changing and breaking code when link updated?

I just asked Multiline entries in custom toc. During editing I deleted an image and uploaded a new one. During this process the site automatically adjusted the numbers of links, [1], [2], etc. ...'s user avatar
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Code detection heuristics for possible link-only answers should be a little bit smarter

This answer came up on my radar. The first thing I noticed about it was its inappropriate use of inline code formatting for something that is not code. Naturally, I tried to edit it:    ...
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Add the "notranslate" class to code blocks

As pointed out in the question "How to make users aware that they're reading translated content?", some users navigate with auto-translation turned on. In principle I don't see it as a big problem, ...
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Code block within spoiler gives different result than shown

Background: I'm using the opt-in beta for the new editor. When using the following markdown in the answer editor: >! ```python >! if True: >! print "Hello World" >! ``` It ...
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Markdown rendering missing in comment flags under moderator

Code formatting isn't properly rendered within comment flags: ... and links (possibly other content) as well: I doubt there would be any nefarious content that is hidden through markdown that one ...
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Markdown doesn't ignore colon in the end of bare URL address

If a hyperlink is followed by a colon, the colon is treated as a part of the hyperlink. An example: If you have a question about a Stack Exchange site, the ...
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How can I list all my questions and answers whose CommonMark rendering doesn't match the cached rendering?

I understand that the CommonMark migration messes up the formatting of some answers and posts once they're edited. How can I list all my questions and answers whose CommonMark rendering doesn't match ...
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