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Use this tag for questions about the marketing strategies used to promote Stack Exchange to a broader audience.

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RFC - Stack Exchange 2-minute intro

EDIT NEW! - taking into account the feedback from Robert and Jeff, here is a new, simpler, shorter 2-minute intro to Stack Exchange. Stack Exchange 2-minute intro (choose full-screen option for ...
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Would allowing moderators to update their Stack Exchange sites' Twitter accounts improve visibility and offer more value?

Stack Exchange sites have their own Twitter accounts, like These accounts appear to just autotweet the latest interesting questions using the question's tags as ...
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Is SO/SE about to be sold (and does that explain recent events)? [duplicate]

I have seen some hypotheses that the recent series corporate actions and statements are a sign of SO/SE being in the process of being, or about to be, sold. Arguments cited include the corp statements ...
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Would you consider starting a Q&A forum for Online Marketing and Monetization? [duplicate]

So much I don't know. Would love to be able to ask, learn, and discuss as I do in your other forums.
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Trackbacks from SE to the

Is it possible to implement trackbacks from SE sites to the Example: Here is a list of trackbacks to the arXiv preprint arXiv:0905.2658 from various blogs. My feature-request is that if a ...
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Do business of software questions belong on Stack Overflow?

Do questions revolving around some of the kinds of things Joel Spolsky sometimes discusses in his blog or Inc. articles have a place on Stack Overflow? For example I mean subjects such as pricing ...