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Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow Meta logo is offset in IE10

I know IE will be gone soon, but not soon enough. There are still some who will choose not to update to IE11. Here are some screenshots: Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow Meta
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Under the help dropdown on each StackExchange page, should we add the name/abbreviation of the community to the term "Meta"

I propose that under the help dropdown near the top of the page (next to reputation, at least in the desktop interface), the third entry, which says "Meta" in most (all?) communities other than here ...
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Extra space in Meta Stack Exchange menu bar

There is some extra space in between Unanswered and Ask Question in the Meta Stack Exchange's menu bar compared with the other menus. After inspect the menu bar, I can see margin-right : 30px applied ...
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Profile Picture Bug - Picture Dosen't Show Up on any Stack Exchange Menu Bar [duplicate]

I am having a similar issue to this with my profile picture not showing up on any of the stack exchange communities that I am a member of. I know this is not a huge concern but it is an issue that I ...
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StackExchange global menu: Autofocus on text box upon typing, for immediate search

When I click the "StackExchange" (left of top toolbar) to navigate to another SE community, I have to scroll down to the text box and click it, and only then I can search. Feature requests: (...
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Top Left menus are missing [duplicate]

When I got on today, the top left header menus were gone. The places they should be seem to still be functional, but it looks like just a black bar. Browser is Firefox 27, OS is Windows 7. Here is ...
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Tap Menu Bar to scroll up in Questions/Answer view

I see that this behavior was implemented for the feed view, but I'd like to be able to tap the menu bar to scroll up in the Question & Answer views as well. It's honestly where I find myself ...
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“My sites” link on the top bar

Can we have a "my sites" dropdown next to the "Stackexchange" dropdown on the topbar that lists all the sites the user is registered with? Or maybe an additional "tab" on the existing menu? Or even a ...
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