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Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ

Over the past week we've been busy reviewing our previous FAQ to directly address concerns over pronoun usage. We tried to anticipate likely questions, but… missed the mark a bit. Inspired by the ...
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A Pronominal Proposal

The recent Code of Conduct change and, more specifically, the associated FAQ (now deleted; Wayback Machine copy here) have not gone down well. (For the avoidance of doubt, linking to those does not ...
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Make network-wide FAQ posts available on per-site metas

There are now a lot of SE 2.0 sites, and many users on those sites might not even know about Stack Overflow or Meta.SO. If they have a question about the site, they ask it on their per-site meta, ...
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What topics can be discussed here? [duplicate]

Update: Maybe we can convert this question into an FAQ-style question? I didn't find a place where the style and type of questions for meta are described (as it is the case e.g. in the SO faq or in ...
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Custom sections in FAQ don't work right [closed]

Stack Exchange 2.0 sites can customize their FAQ pages to fit their needs, including adding new sections. For example, Unix and Linux has a cross-posting section. The title shows up correctly in the ...
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Why isn't the community FAQ more prominent?

The official FAQ for Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User (should perhaps be renamed to include SE-2.0?) is quite informative, but there is no prominent link anywhere at parent sites. Why isn'...
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What is the division of labor between MSO and the area51-meta tag on Area 51?

The Meta faq begins: If your question is about: Stack Overflow Stack Exchange Area 51 … it is welcome here. I have asked questions about Area 51 on MSO in the past, but ever ...
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The need to introduce beginners to the Stack Exchange Platform

Ever since the new site proposals have gone into public beta, there has been a need to explain to beginners how the Stack Exchange system works. After all, the site can be overwhelming to anyone who ...
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Usability improvements for the community FAQ

tl;dr? Skip directly to the gray box at the bottom. The community FAQ doesn't get enough respect. By definition, its entries carry the moderator-only tag faq, which bestows a degree of official-ness. ...
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How does a new user know that there are lots of FAQ questions on meta?

I know that we have all these wonderful faq tagged questions, but as has been commented elsewhere, MSO gets about 0.6% of the traffic of SO ... so really this is like us patting ourselves on the back ...
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How should I deal with the new CoC as non-native English speaker?

I'm not a native English speaker. And I'm on the autistic spectrum. In the last few weeks, I did watch the events around the termination of Monica Cellio unfold. I said nothing. I did read about the ...
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Questions with opinion-based answers put on hold [duplicate]

I have seen related questions been asked on this forum, but none of them actually reached the point I would like to be clarified. From my perspective, every single non-math/logic question is opinion-...
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SO's lack of documentation

Given the barrage of downvotes because I could not find something on meta that apparently everyone thought I should know, I would like to mention what I see is a serious disconnect in the organization ...
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What exactly is the difference between the old and the new FAQ?

Since SE saw it fit to do what (for a regular user) would be considered "vandalizing" and deleted the original FAQ, I'm unable to ascertain the differences between the old and the new one. Can ...
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FAQ sidebar for per site metas

Meta Stack Exchange has a nice side bar over when you are on the main page (the one you hit when you go to the 'meta' link, not the 'questions' tab). It's great. You can see there is a 'faq' ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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How are suggested edits in the review queue to be handled? [duplicate]

I recently crossed 2k rep on SO, which got me access to the review queue for suggested edits. I am not clear on what basis edits are to be accepted/rejected. I did a search for FAQ and suggested edits ...
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Is civility and tolerance not required on meta sites?

The FAQ of all main sites and Meta Stack Overflow have a section which states: Etiquette Civility is required at all times; rudeness will not be tolerated. Be nice. Treat others ...
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Include links to relevant Meta posts in review automatic comments

As a follow up to the answer I received to this question: I started using the review beta tool for low-quality posts fairly heavily a few days ago (heavy compared to my previous usage, anyway). The ...
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What are the criteria for a Feature-Requests

What constitutes a (good|acceptable|worth-developing) feature-request? It seems as though I see many people requesting things, myself included, which are quickly met with "nah, the so-team shouldn't ...
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How does an faq-proposed question become part of the FAQ?

There are 131 questions tagged faq-proposed. The FAQ for Stack Exchange sites says: How can a question be added to this FAQ? Link back to this index. Paste this at the end of the question: ...
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Move question ban FAQ page somewhere else [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “We're no longer accepting” message should not be hosted on meta Related: Automatically redirect or block Meta questions regarding question bans Alrighty. ...
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Why does this question show up in the Frequently Asked Questions list if it isn't tagged [faq]? [duplicate]

Currently, the Frequently Asked Questions list on the Meta homepage looks like this: But the very first question on that list isn't tagged with faq at all! Is this a bug, or can questions ...
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Is there a MarkDown shortcut for the Help Center like there was [faq] for the FAQ?

In the limited markdown (for comments and chat, e.g.) we always had [faq] to link to the FAQ. Now that the FAQ has been changed to Help Center, do we have new syntax for this?
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Removing "Stack Overflow" from titles and contents of the FAQs

Examples How Does Stack Overflow Work? (The Official FAQ) How does “Reputation” work on Stack Overflow? What are “Community Wiki” posts on Stack Overflow? Since the FAQ is not specific to Stack ...
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Explain in SO FAQ concept of accepting answers

I see lots of folks on SO that ask tons of questions and never bother to even accept a single one. I don't think they're all creeps—but I can't find any explanation in the SO FAQ where I could ...
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Please add a link to the protected question faq post to the privilege page in help center

So we have this great faq post: What is a “protected” or "highly active" question? Here is the entirety of the help center page of the privilege for protected questions: ###Protect ...
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