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Use this tag on questions that involve software from Microsoft when using Stack Exchange. Don't use the tag for general questions about Microsoft or software created by Microsoft.

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All your sites are full with ads from a company I'm not interested in. Can I somehow turn them off?

As example: (Originally from the main page of the Android SE) However, I am not really interested in Microsoft's products, and their flashing1 things about their latest, most wonderful offers are ...
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1 answer

Is there a way to know if a specific company uses Stack Overflow Enterprise?

It would be helpful to know if large institutions use private Stack Overflow Enterprise instances. I think Microsoft does. Does anyone know if Apple Inc. uses Stack Overflow Enterprise? Is there a ...
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Affiliation with organization and its products/services in the response

I recently started on Stack Exchange, and have found myself in sort of a dilemma. When my answer is based on the technologies that are shipped by my employer (Microsoft), I am always in a quandary as ...
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Why did Stack Overflow choose Microsoft technology? [duplicate]

I have always had the (most likely biased) idea that the Microsoft platform is, in general, lower quality when compared with other options (mainly, Unix-based) - specially on the server-side. Why ...
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Fast Answers on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I'm used to programming in a classroom environment where people are able to answer questions quickly, if I get stuck. I'm preparing to do my first solo project over the summer. Is there any way to ...
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1 answer

Windows Azure logo on sponsored tags has white artifacts and looks ugly

Here's how the azure sponsored tag looks like (on the right): You see, sponsored Azure logo is a blue trapezoid on white background (as on the left) and it's mechanically copied onto the tag box so ...
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Who wrote the Microsoft case study about Stack Overflow?

I just happened to notice this case study (archived), published two years ago. It explains how Stack Overflow is using ASP.NET MVC to gain high performance, fast development and easier testing and ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

Is Microsoft moving to the Stack Overflow platform? [closed]

I recently heard that Microsoft is now planning to move all of their Q&A sites to the Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange platform (IIRC, it came up in a keynote by Scott Guthrie). UPDATE: Reference ...
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3 answers

Is there help for Dynamics AX problems or questions?

Can we ask questions about Dynamics AX on Stack Overflow? Sorry for this generally question, but I don't know where I can ask it. Thank you in advance
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5 answers

How should we notify people that they're eligible for "Microsoft Community Contributor" awards?

Microsoft has a program called the Microsoft Community Contributor Award. The way it works is that they search on online forums (TechNet, MSDN, and for people answering a lot of questions ...
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Was SOIS consulted on Microsoft's new answers page?

It looks awfully familiar.
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2 answers

Microsoft advertising on SO?

I just noticed this ad on SO. I thought Microsoft had some bias against advertising on SO. Microsoft Web Camp
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