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Questions tagged [microsoft-edge]

Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) specific to Microsoft Edge.

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Microsoft is dropping support for Edge Legacy. Is it time to formally drop support for it on SE?

Microsoft has officially dropped support for Edge Legacy (the EdgeHTML build), with the only supported version being the Chromium-based. The supported browser listing suggests the last two versions ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Extra line breaks appear in editor when editing a post in Microsoft Edge

When editing any post in Microsoft Edge (Legacy)*, a whole bunch of extra line breaks appear in the post editor. Example: The same screenshot in Chrome: These extra line breaks reduce the amount of ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Compatibility Issues with Edge (QuotaExceededError)

2019-04-16 -- The issue has returned. Please see Updated Additional Info at end. ISSUE 1: Broken Comments If I'm viewing a question using Edge and click "add a comment" the page jumps to the top and ...
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4 votes
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Bug when editing comments

When I add a comment and after that I edit it, the cursor goes to the upper left corner of the first comment and the page is not longer usable: I am using Internet Explorer. The same problem I can ...
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