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Migration banner text incorrectly describes per-site policy

When a question is migrated, on the target site it appears with a banner of the form: This question was migrated from [source site] because it can be answered on [destination site]. However, just ...
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Wrong banner on migrated answer [duplicate]

This deleted answer is decorated with a banner which says it has been converted to a comment: That is not what happened. The question was migrated to another site, and the answer was migrated away ...
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Can we make the placement of hyperlinks in the migration post notice more obvious?

Today when I saw that the post notice for a migrated post looks like this: Now what struck me as odd was that the word "Migrated" is used as an hyperlink twice. The first occurrence links ...
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Fix outbound migration notice when a question is migrated to Stack Overflow en español

This question was recently migrated from Spanish.SE to Stack Overflow en español. The migration notice in the outbound question (accessible with the URL option noredirect=1, or seemingly also ...
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Migration message for per-site metas make no sense

We don't migrate posts cause they can be answered by professional and enthusiast programmers. We migrate them because they are to do with SO careers, Teams or other products primarily on SO. The ...
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Remove migration notices from destination post [duplicate]

As part of the roll-out of new post notices, questions that were migrated now show a notice at the top indicating that they were migrated. I ran across a question today that is seven years old. ...
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Drop migration notice after some time [duplicate]

I have this question on SO: How can I generate box-and-whisker plots with variable box width, in gnuplot? which I originally asked on CrossValidate, and was migrated. But - that happened 6 years ago,...
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Hide notice for migrated questions after 30 days

When a question is migrated from another site, a stub is temporarily left on the original site before being automatically deleted after 30 days. (See What is migration and how does it work?) While ...
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Automatically cut the cord for migrated questions after enough time has passed?

A link back to the source question is only minimally useful 35 months later (and 34 months after it was deleted on SO). Perhaps it should either be demoted to something very small and inconspicuous or ...
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Link to source question in migration notice points to a specific revision

Each migrated question has a notice like the following attached: migrated from Nov 29 at 14:22 This question came from our site for biology researchers, academics, and ...
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Unescaped HTML unicode in Migration notice on Android app

While I was reading this meta post on MSO with official Android app, I noticed that it has been migrated to Stack Overflow em Português's meta... or was it Português? (removing the code block ...
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Migration notice disappears when refreshing edited post [duplicate]

I think I just observed a glitch which I'm unable to reproduce. I was watching Using Small RAID5's to prevent data loss and the answer was edited. When I clicked the notification to reload the ...
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Migration notice from mSO not updated

So I was looking at a post just migrated from mSO, and it had this post notice: migrated from 5 mins ago This question came from our discussion, support, and feature requests ...
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Why is the migration notice telling me this question came from the same community?

Okay, the title may be a little bit misleading - this is a feature-request. I know why it does this, but I can't say I like it. See, when a post is migrated from a main site to its meta, we still ...
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Refreshing a post via the "change" notice causes the question notice to disappear [duplicate]

I noticed a minor bug today. If a question has a post notice, that notice disappears if any of the answers (or the question itself) are refreshed. By "refreshed" I mean by clicking on the little gray ...
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"Migrated" question not marked as migrated on source site

This question was migrated to superuser from stackoverflow, and closed by one of our hardworking mods (yay!). Its a clear recommendation question and should have been sealed up in a barrel, encased in ...
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Slightly reword the migration notice displayed on inbound questions

I saw the migration notice on a question here, on MSO: I couldn't help but think the message could be worded a bit better. "This question came from" is a little generic, and might be confusing to ...
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Migrated questions / answers should keep their full edit history

When migrating a question to another Stack Exchange site, the full edit history of the question and its answers is lost. I searched on meta, and, according to Jeff, this is "by design". I still want ...
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