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PROBABLY OFF-TOPIC: this tag is for requests to add a Stack Exchange site to the list of the sites to which questions can be migrated without moderator's intervention. Meta Stack Exchange doesn't have such a list and requests for other sites belong on the site's own meta, not here.

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Could we make the migration search function for moderators be made available to regular users? [duplicate]

This question was originally asked on Writing Meta but I decided to make it a feature request and ask it here after some advice from a Writers mod. I was wondering if we could make the migration ...
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Can there be a feature that redirects an off-topic question to the appropriate Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

Background I was on Stack Exchange today, asking a regular ol' question, the gist of which was: What library do you use to make GUI-based apps in Java? I asked it based on how apps that have used ...
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Add migration path to Mother Meta for per-site metas

There are multiple questions, feature-requests specifically, on per-site metas that affect the whole network. Migrating these questions here would make it seen by a larger community, likely bring it ...
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How do we specify migration targets for our site?

Users on Economics.SE (where I am a pro tem moderator) have raised the issue that they are not able to specify which alternative sites within the SE network would be suitable when voting to close a ...
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When should we consider adding a default migration path?

When users vote or flag to close a question that should be migrated to another site on the network, they usually can only choose to migrate to meta: Occasionally we get requests to add a new ...
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Suggest migration sites based on reputation at destination [duplicate]

Migration flags and votes should be removed from the close menu. Instead, along with "share, edit, close, flag" at the bottom of the question, there is a "migrate" option. When you click this, you ...
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Add webmasters to migration list [closed]

I stick primarily to the PHP tag, and I notice that there are quite a few topics being closed that could probably be moved to instead, but it's not on the list. I'd ...
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It seems that Programmers should really be on the migration list

Here's a question that needs to be migrated to Programmers, but that site isn't on the migration list: What is data type and how is it implemented? I'm aware that the denizens of Programmers were ...
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Can we get Code Review in the options to move a question? [duplicate]

There are instances where a question is more on-topic on Code Review.SE. However, the only way to get it migrated is to leave a custom message for a mod. Can we get Code Review added to the options to ...
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How to redirect users to an alternate Stack Exchange for questions that were formerly answered on Stack Overflow?

Question Are there any general best practices for when a SO tag gets its own Stack Exchange? Specifically, (1) migrating questions with that tag to the new Stack Exchange, and (2) directing users to ...
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Add Cross Validated to the "on-topic" Help Center page [closed]

Most of my Stack Overflow activity is devoted to R questions; in case anyone is not aware of R, it is an open-source statistical computing environment. Questions often get posted which are asking for ...
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No option in 'flag -> close -> off-topic -> belongs elsewhere' for migrate to stats.SE [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow there a many questions pertaining to statistical software such as R. Most of these questions are programming questions and undoubtedly belong on SO. However, some questions are ...
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Sharepoint SE as suggested migration path? [closed]

Why has Sharepoint SE suddenly popped up in my already limited list of migration paths? The other options aren't great either. The options I have are: Meta SO SuperUser dba....
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Would it be possible to get in offtopic in review?

Offtopic in review is missing which I would choose a lot more often than say would it be possible to add/exchange this one?
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Reverse "Please add a 'Migrate to' link on SO"

Now that the SO site has matured, can we please remove the migration link to Meta? This would be the opposite of Please add a 'Migrate to'. OR Can we remove the five site ...
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Should some communities have more than 4 migration targets?

Are the number of migration paths one-size-fits-all? Server Fault is in a somewhat unique situation as far as sub-communities go (Super User may be in the same boat, but I rarely spend time there any ...
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Site list for "It does not belong here" flag, proposed changes

I have seen these similar questions regarding the site list for the "it does not belong here flag." Stack Exchange has something like 76 sites up and running now, with more and more sites coming ...
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Adding "belongs to this other SE network site:" to "Flagging > Doesn't belong > Off topic"

Sidenote: It might be, that I am alone in feeling the need for this feature, as I am a wordpress developer and hence mostly hanging out around / answering questions tagged wordpress, php, javascript ...
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Add “belongs on” close reason [duplicate]

Related: Can SO questions on TeX be migrated to tex.SX? There’s a steady trickle of LaTeX related questions on Stack Overflow which I always flag so that they can be moved to tex.stackexchange....
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Make it easier to use Code Review as a chocolate bar burial facility [closed]

For questions that are off-topic for Stack Overflow, 3K users can vote to close them as belonging on several Stack Exchanges, but not to the Code Review one. Can this be made a possibility? Knowing ...
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