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Mini-sites are subdomains of Stack Exchange sites that provide a view restricted to a set of tags. was the first such site.

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7 answers

Is it time to re-evaluate the Facebook-Stack Overflow partnership?

It has been 6 months since the Facebook-StackOverflow partnership and mini-site were launched. Is there any data that can be shared publicly about whether the Facebook mini-site has been a success or ...
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8 votes
3 answers

How are new Stack Overflow mini-sites created?

With the announcement of Facebook.StackOverflow, what are the critera/how does one go about getting a new mini-site created? Assuming that it is not possible today, are there plans to make it so in ...
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22 votes
4 answers

Tag requirement issue when editing question on Facebook.Stackoverflow mini site [closed]

When trying to edit this question, I am getting this error message: must include at least one tag not in 'facebook facebook-graph-api facebook-connect facebook-c#-sdk facebook-fql facebook-like ...
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67 votes
6 answers

Re-Skin the site so it doesn't "feel" exactly like regular

The new Facebook SO site is a great idea, but the experience on there can be confusing, since there's no UI hints for logged in users to inidicate that we're in the Facebook Stack Overflow sub-site ...
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Facebook Stack Overflow? [closed]

Somehow I found the Facebook Stackoverflow site, with the icon being the regular Stack Overflow icon with a facebook icon on top of it: Is it an easter egg? If so, how does it differ from the ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Can we have a facebook.stackoverflow mini-site moderator election? [closed]

The new Facebook partnership has been great and it has attracted a lot of new developers to the site. Unfortunately, it has also attracted a lot of people asking completely off-topic questions and a ...
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Why is a non-Facebook tag necessary? [closed]

I want to ask a question about Facebook's JavaScript SDK so I used that tag but the site won't allow me to post my question because it says I must also have a tag that's not related to Facebook! This ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Will facebook.stackoverflow have its own moderators to clean up the likely flood of low quality & duplicate questions? [closed]

Previously, the Facebook tag on Stack Overflow has been for programming related questions. In contrast, the old Facebook developer forum is/was filled with tons of junk and duplicates and non-...
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Need a good way to break out of a mini-site

It's easy to miss a subdomain in a URL, especially considering that both Firefox and IE deemphasize subdomains in the address bar now as an anti-phishing measure. So suppose I follow a link from ...
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275 views tools show flags on non-Facebook SO questions [closed]

On the Stack Overflow Facebook minisite tools page, flags are shown without tag restrictions, meaning that flags from the main Stack Overflow site on non-Facebook questions are shown. screenshot http:...
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5 votes
1 answer

Are more mini-sites coming? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there are any plans to implement more mini-sites like the Facebook one, or something similar. I'm hoping that we'll see topic-specific sites (as opposed to necessarily company-...
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28 votes
1 answer

Is a mini-site approach a solution to these Area 51 proposals?

TL;DR Subtopics of sites in beta are themselves heading towards beta. Is the sub-site method not a more appropriate implementation? Comments both on Area 51 and B&CG that seem to indicate that ...
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22 votes
3 answers

Can more be done to stop off topic Facebook questions? [closed]

That's at least three completely off topic questions posted in the last hour Name change got married Deleting my Drawings I logged my mom off her home computer facebook account so I could log in ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Facebook.SO for all developer support, not just programming? [closed]

The FB blog says they're moving their developer community to facebook.SO now. However a number of reasonable Facebook developer questions have started appearing e.g.
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1 answer

Why is the Facebook mini-site occasionally showing all Stack Overflow questions? [closed]

A couple of times today I've noticed the Facebook mini-site everybody loves is showing all Stack Overflow questions, not just Facebook related questions. This occurs on the new question list. Here are ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Show filtered rep everywhere on mini-sites [closed]

When you go to the users tab on a mini-site, the reputation shown is their filtered reputation for that mini-sites filtered tags. Here is an example. But the rest of the site shows the users full ...
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Clicking the 'Save and Copy Profile to all Stack Exchange Accounts' doesn't work from [closed]

I'm attempting to use my Facebook profile pic for my SE accounts. It seems like it should be possible but after a little trial and error I think I've found a bug. After using Facebook to log into ...
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Are there plans for more things like How about this feature on other Stack Exchanges? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How are new Stack Overflow mini-sites created? Personally, I would like to see this rolled out. I think several sites have logical groupings. For example, on Stack Overflow, ...
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Can minisites be more differentiated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Re-Skin the site so it doesn't "feel" exactly like regular I just visited the newly announced facebook.stackoverflow....
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