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Questions tagged [moderator-agreement]

the agreement that moderators agree to before moderator abilities are granted.

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What is the status of the changes to the moderator agreement agreed to during the negotiations in August?

As part of the strike negotiation results, several changes to the Moderator Agreement were agreed upon. These include: A mandatory review period for binding policies Stack Exchange, Inc. staff cannot ...
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Moderator agreement acceptance notice should be made translatable

On moderator agreement page the notice about accepting should be made translatable. This is not a part of legal agreement (that is not a subject for translation), and the date inside notice already ...
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33 votes
5 answers

What kind of percentages are reasonable for moderator consensus on the company violating the Mod Agreement?

During strike negotiations between community representatives and representatives of Stack Exchange, Inc., an initial process for determining if Stack Exchange, Inc. violated the Mod Agreement was ...
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When will Stack Exchange's senior leadership stop breaking their own moderator agreement?

A new article about the strike was posted on The Verge. In it, it is revealed that a statement by Philippe was issued, and claims the following: When asked by The Verge about the contrast between ...
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Moderator Agreement signing deadline

In the Moderator Agreement I see the deadline timings for only accepting the new agreement (emphasis is mine): Announce changes to the moderator agreement no less than sixty days before the deadline ...
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Are the buttons below the moderator agreement able to be made translatable or not?

I know that there is some complexity with translating the SE moderator agreement to other languages (languages of some non-English sites), but what about the buttons? Should the Accept and Decline ...
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What policies or processes exist to handle allegations that Stack Exchange has violated the Moderator Agreement?

tl;dr version: The Stack Exchange Moderator Agreement, in addition to the obligations placed on community moderators, includes eight obligations that Stack Exchange the company specifically agrees to ...
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16 votes
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Font of Moderator Agreement is too small (especially on mobile)

For some reason, the font size on the Moderator Agreement page is too small compared to other articles under /legal, the Help Center, or other text throughout the sites in general. This is true for ...
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Is avoiding to report underage users a violation of the moderator agreement now?

There is a new official policy on reporting underage users by moderators: What are our policies regarding underage users?. This is posted with the mod-agreement-policy tag, so it is officially part of ...
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Add strings from the Moderator Agreement page into Transifex (or use existing keys) We, as mods, have to accept the new agreement. And on this page there are a lot of strings that were not translated: Accept. Decline. Moderator ...
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New [mod-agreement-policy] tag has an incorrect description

Today a new moderator only tag was introduced: mod-agreement-policy. Its tag description states: Use this tag to indicate posts that are official Stack Exchange policy that moderators are expected to ...
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14 answers

The new moderator agreement is now live for moderators to accept across the network

Today, we’re announcing that the new moderator agreement is live and the existing moderators are being asked to accept it. This has been a great collaboration to get from a draft in November 2019 to ...
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What does the "1" mean in the "moderator accepts moderator agreement" event in the user history?

Moderators have access to a list of events which happened to or because of an action by the user. One of those is "moderator accepts moderator agreement", and it has a comment "1 by&...
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Will a draft of the new moderator agreement be published on Meta to solicit feedback before it's implemented?

Will a draft of the new moderator agreement (see The Q1 2020 Community Roadmap is on the Blog) be published on SE Meta to solicit feedback before it's implemented? After all, non-moderator users have ...
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Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

The last weeks and days have seen some erratic behaviour by Stack Exchange Inc., such as likely illegal changes to the content license and the firing of an upstanding community moderator with no ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Remove apparent agent/not-an-agent contradiction regarding community (♦) moderators in privacy policy and mod agreement

Too Lawyerly; Didn't Read: Mods are explicitly not agents of SE, and no one but an agent is supposed to access the private info mods do access. The moderator agreement on each site says (emphasis ...
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Does the moderator agreement prohibit usage of certain browser extensions?

Our moderator agreement states: […] I acknowledge that I may have access to potentially personally-identifying information about Stack Overflow users and that in connection with such access […] ...
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