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For questions concerning private messages from moderators - a functionality that allows mods to contact users privately.

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How do I contact a user privately, as a moderator?

As a moderator, I sometimes need to contact a user about his behavior on the site or about other site-related issues. How can I contact a user privately, as a moderator? What are the possibilities ...
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Make moderator messages anonymous

Currently, when a moderator messages a user, the user sees which moderator is messaging them. This includes when a moderator issues a timed suspension. Generally, I have no problem with this. ...
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How do we see the private messages that moderators sent us?

I've got a message sent to me from a moderator which appears in the top-left notification dropdown box. Clicking on the "item" brings me to a page where the message is shown. But after reading it I'...
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Can we have drafts for moderator messages?

Most of the time, messages that we have to send privately to users are quite cut and dry. We're either explaining an action that we took, or describing an action that we'll need to take. Many of the ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Suspension reason listed as "to cool down" if "something else" reason is selected

When choosing a message template for a moderator message, we are given several default choices, such as excessive promotion, abusive activity, etc. For cases which don't fit this bill, we have a "...
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Cannot send a message to moderator

I am trying to send a message to the moderators because the last message that was sent was from me. The message I see is "you cannot post an additional message until a moderator has responded" ...
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6 answers

"Boilerplate" mod messages are "impersonal" and leave users "confused"

After receiving his first suspension, ex-moderator Robert Harvey voices this perspective on boilerplate mod messages: I'd prefer a meta post asking for better transparency in mod messages. I used ...
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What does receiving a mod message look like?

As a moderator, I occasionally experience addressees reacting to moderator messages in a weird manner or completely ignoring them. To develop a better understanding for the situation, I would ...
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Check to see if a new moderator message has been sent within the last few minutes

Today (and it's not the first time I've observed this), Tim and I suspended and sent a moderator message to the same user within one second of each other. Could the user messaging/suspension ...
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22 votes
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Moderator message notifications should be red in the global inbox for those involved

From the blog post announcing the new notifications tab: Since notifications aren’t as important as inbox notices, whenever you have unread inbox messages we’ll display the red inbox indicator rather ...
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Follow-up to Private Message with Moderator

A moderator initially sent a private message on Sept. 23 2014 to me, to which I then responded. I still haven't heard back and genuinely need a response, so what can I do? The system prevents me from ...
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54 votes
2 answers

Allow moderators to add their own mod message templates

On Physics, I rarely use any of the boilerplate mod messages. One of the more common actions is warning a user about many homework questions1. For this, I have a template in the chatroom that I copy ...
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How come it is showing Diamond to my account in moderator private message?

I just got a Moderator Private Message from Super User's Moderator Team. (For Super User moderators only) Because I failed last few reviews ...
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Mod message templates should not use the first person singular

Moderator messages are now signed by “${SITENAME} moderation team” rather than “${USERNAME}, ${SITENAME} moderator”. However some moderator message templates still contain “I”, which does not make ...
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19 votes
3 answers

I need to be able to edit sent Moderator Private Messages

I'm half a moron. I need to be able to edit sent Moderator Private Messages because I cannot stop pressing the send button before proofreading my messages. Please, think of the morons.
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18 votes
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Improve form validation for mod messages by rejecting unfilled template tags

When a moderator intends to contact a user about questionable behavior on a site, the moderator can choose from a set of message templates for addressing common behavior patterns. Some of these ...
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16 votes
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List of our warnings aka moderator private messages

Currently, in order to see a warning (Private Moderator Message, it has no other official usage) issued to you in the past, you have to either look for it in your email (fair, but emails might get ...
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Mod message lost to network glitch

The timeline: I started composing a moderator message on French Language. At 20:53:23Z my router detected that it lost Internet connectivity. I wasn't aware of this yet. A few minutes later, I hit ...
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12 votes
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Message datetime in moderator message are rendering strangely

Inside of the moderator messages, we typically get displayed the date/time that the message was sent and/or read by the users. Starting earlier today this began not rendering as a link, it is ...
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Do moderators need to remove their user ID from shared SE links in moderator messages in order to remain anonymous?

The moderator messaging system was recently changed so that the identity of the moderator who sends a message is hidden from the recipient: The signature on the template moderator messages will be ...
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Moderator message tool discards my message, if another moderator simultaneously sends the user a private message

As a moderator on a SE site, I recently observed behavior that merited a suspension. I took the time to write a lengthy, detailed private moderator message to the user, to explain the reasons for the ...
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Do I need to reply to a moderator message? [duplicate]

I recently received a message from a moderator for my "bad" reviewing queues (yes, I'm guilty of this), but is it compulsory to message back? Or does it seem slightly rude to ignore their ...
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Links don't show up in plain-text email of mod messages [duplicate]

I sent a mod message to myself before sending it to the user to check the formatting and such, and noticed missing links in the plain text version: HTML version: Plain text version: As you can see, ...
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How can I see all messages between me and moderators? [duplicate]

How can I see all messages between me and moderators? Where are they stored? I know that they have links like:[natural number] But, how can I get them?
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Preventing replies until moderators respond is bad; add an edit button

When moderators send a message, the current system only allows you to post a single reply, then prevents you from following up again in any way until a moderator responds first. This is bad because ...
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How's it fair for a moderator to delete my account and dissociate my questions and answers? [closed]

Edit I found the email that proves a moderator deleted my account. And nobody appears to believe me before? Even if you suspend me, why dissociate my questions and answers? How can I manage or track ...
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