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Questions tagged [moderator-messages]

For questions concerning private messages from moderators - a functionality that allows mods to contact users privately.

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Remove or significantly lower the throttle delay when sending moderator messages

This is more of a nuisance than a real show stopper, but given that it's probably a quick fix (a tweak of a variable somewhere), I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Currently, the throttle on moderator ...
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Send suspension notices & mod messages to Global Inbox as well

I realized that Mod messages/suspension notices are not delivered to the inbox. I'm not sure why that's so. With most activity being delivered to the Inbox, something as important as Mod messages ...
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Moderator message is not responsive on mobile

I received a message from the moderators, but it's rather hard to read on my mobile (Firefox on IOS 16.3.1, iPhone 12 Mini) because the text is wider than the viewport. Wasn't the whole "...
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Mod message lost to network glitch

The timeline: I started composing a moderator message on French Language. At 20:53:23Z my router detected that it lost Internet connectivity. I wasn't aware of this yet. A few minutes later, I hit ...
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Names on user cards above moderator messages are wrongly wrapped

On narrower screens, like an iPhone 11, the names on user cards above moderator messages are sometimes wrapped in strange places, like this:
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Escaped HTML in dialog to select moderator message template

When selecting a moderator message template, the first few lines of the text are shown, but with escaped HTML: This is how it looks like in the editor: The same problem also happens in a site-...
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Moderator message tool discards my message, if another moderator simultaneously sends the user a private message

As a moderator on a SE site, I recently observed behavior that merited a suspension. I took the time to write a lengthy, detailed private moderator message to the user, to explain the reasons for the ...
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What percentage of users mod-warned (no suspension) for posting AI-generated answers have gone on to write legitimate answers?

Put differently, what percentage of users who post AI-generated answers have demonstrated motivation to contribute content without violating site-specific AI-generated content policies or the rules ...
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Sidebar widget overlaps moderator message thread

When viewing a moderator message thread, the sidebar widget may overlap the messages. Here is an example screenshot:
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Add a link to mod messages

Currently, AFAIK there's no way to access moderator messages, unless digging through one's SE notifications/inbox or emails. Not convenient for old mod messages. Feature request: Add a link to mod ...
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Underlining of hyperlinks doesn't extend to private moderator messages

A couple of years ago, hyperlinks in Stack Exchange posts started to appear underlined as well as in blue text. (I can't find the official announcement of this change, but it seems to have been in ...
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Moderator messages render tags in preview, but not when sent

I recently sent a moderator message that had tags in it: foo-bar The tag showed up correctly in the preview (much like it does here), but did not show up in the rendered message once I clicked 'send'...
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5 votes
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Mod message text doesn't fit in area

In some cases, the mod message doesn't fit into the area allocated for it: The image above is taken on iPad 11 Pro latest Chrome, but you can reach the same effect on Windows in Chrome browser just ...
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Wrap text in code blocks in mod messages

Due to the letter format, when replying to our mod messages users may sometimes indent each of their paragraphs with four or more spaces, either deliberately or unwittingly turning them into code ...
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Incorrect title of meta mod-message notifications [cake inside! :p]

Mod messages on meta show up with a rather odd title on SO: "moderator message on [moderator] added a new reply" instead of e.g. "moderator message on meta" Screenshot: Notifications of messages ...
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Missing link in mod message template for low quality

In recent messages 1 and 2 (sec-mod/staff permissions required), there is a list item with the caption Short, self contained compilable examples By Andrew Thompson It is supposed to be a link to ...
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Unable to translate "Who is this thread about?" on moderator private message page

The sentence on moderator private message page "Who is this thread about?" does not exist in translation engine:
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Elements overlapping on send mod message page

In case of unverified Email for user, the private mod message has overlapping between page title and the notice on narrow screen: Link for test for staff:
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